Best Food Cities Worldwide

Published: November 28, 2013

This list gives reader a chance to see descriptions of some of the best food cities in the world. This list will you your mouth watering and wanting to travel to these cities and see for yourself what kind of delectible food is waiting for you.

  1. New York City

    Home of food snobs and food critics alike, New York offers over 10,000 restaurants where you can enjoy, critique, savor, and splurge. Name any type of food and you'll find it in this city. There's food for every type of people from any culture AND for any budget.

  2. Tokyo

    If you haven't been to Tokyo.... SHAME ON YOU. As the fish capital of the world, this city is a must go for some of the most exquisite fish and sea-food related dishes around. The Tsukiji Fish Market is a must see, make sure to eat sushi!

  3. Barcelona

    Salsy and frenchy combined in one, this border city has food experts everywhere carving for more. This city has one of the most famous food markets around, the Boqueria, not to mention that the seafood of this city is amazing as it is close to the Mediterranean sea.

  4. Paris

    You can't call yourself a food snob if you never been to Paris. Try everything from Fois gras and escargo to maccaroons at world famous shops such as La Duree. Paris offers some of the most cream, delicious, and enrich foods available anywhere.

  5. Shanghai

    International, refined, and diverse. Shanghai can be seen as the New York City of China. With over 10,000 restaurants in this Chinese city, you will never run out of food to eat. This city takes in the foods from the world and turns out a chinese fusioned version out of all of them. Must go!

All in all, I believe that New York has the best food available in the world. This city is a melting pot of every imaginable food and features too many Michelin star restaurants to even count. If you haven't been to New York, you must go now and try out the amazing food available here.