Top 5 Organic Skin Care Brands

Published: November 28, 2013

Many people have sensitive skin that can easily be irritated by common skin care products. In most recent years there has been a bloom in companies dedicated to making fragrant and chemical free products that are organic but still effective on skin. You can find organic skin care products are most health food markets.

  1. Moon Essence

    Although new and only found online, Moon Essence is extremely effective and their website even helps you choose the best products for your skin type. A little on the pricey side but extremely worth it, 100% organic and a huge variety of products. The only downsides are availablity and jar containers.


  2. Mychelle

    Unlike Moon Essence, Muchelle is mass produced and can be found all over the USA and online. Although alot of their products do contain irritable products, their ultra hyaluronic hydration serum is well formulated and effective. They also have many other great products that are worth trying out. Their fash washes are also extremely gentle but get the job done.

  3. Now Solutions

    NOW solutions is also available on a large scale and has a great skin care system. With a large variety including facial masks and even aromatherapy, NOW solutions is great for anyone trying something new. However alot of their lotions contain fragrances that might be unpleasant to some.


  4. Yes to

    Fairly new yes to is available at all drugstore, even Target if you prefer to get your skin products for a lower price and easier. Probably one of the largest varieties, Yes To has multiple lines for different issues. They also list all the ingredients online for people who want to know for sure what they are putting on their skin.

  5. Zia Natural

    Not a huge variety, but the products they do have are interesting and fun to use. Also a little on the expensive side Zia contains all the required and essential ingredients to keep your skin glowing and more healthy. 


When it comes to skin care products, everything works better or worse depending on your skin type and how your skin reacts. Trying out different brands to find what you need and what works for your skin is essential, so keep in mind not all these brands will work for you.