The best amusement parks in Florida

Published: November 12, 2013

This like will give you my ranking of amusement parks in Florida. It will take into account the roller coaters, zoo sections, kid rides, overall entertainment as well as the restaurants in the park. I have been to every one of these parks multiple times.

  1. Universal studios

    This park has the best of everything. There are tons of top notch roller coasters. What really sets this park on top are the entertainment rides. Almost every top notch action movie in the last 15 years has a ride here and they are all fun.

  2. Busch Gardens

    This park is all about the roller coasters and the animals. The rides are all top of the line and the zoo is a really unique feature. There are animals from all over the world, spread out of a huge area. It is really relaxing to travel on the train admiring all of the wildlife.

  3. Seaworld

    When it comes to waterparks, this is the top of the line. There are tons of rides that are good for kids of all ages as well as aquatic exhibits. The tanks are a marvel to look at and you will not find these sights anywhere else.

These are the main attractions that you should visit when looking for thrills in Florida. You will have an awesome time at any one of these parks. Whether you are by yourself or with your family, there are things to do for everybody.