The Best Social Media Tools for Marketing

Published: November 28, 2013

This list gives marketers, bloggers, and everyone else who is interested in advertising their products a quick look at which social media tools are the best to use and will help their marketing campaigns most likely succeed. There are many social media tools out there, choose the best ones.

  1. Twitter

    Twitter is a great site for social media marketing as well as gathering information about the demographics, groups and interests of people. You can see twitter accounts and what who they are following and what they are following. This is great for finding markets

  2. Facebook

    Facebook is another widely used site for social media marketing. After going public, Facebook's capital is worth billions and this attracted many more people to sign up. Facebook has millions upon millions of users that log on everyday, it is one of the best places to do some marketing.

  3. Youtube

    Have you ever used youtube to watch videos? Many video bloggers have been youtube for years now to promote their own blogs and stories online to share with everyone. A business can do the same! Create a high quality video and start your own youtube channel to reach millions of users who go on youtube everday!

In my experience, twitter is the number one social marketing tool on this list. The reason being that tweets are easy to handle, easy to write, easy to read. They can be written anywhere on the go and doesn't require a heavy set computer device to do so. This makes it a great marketing tool for anyone!