The Best Skins in League of Legends

Published: November 28, 2013

Skins are a unique way to customize your champion to give it your own personal flavor. Many players will often shell out money to buy skins for their favorite champion. Although this list will specify champions that I am partial to, I believe that these skins are the best in League of Legends.

  1. Arcade Sona

    Arcade Sona is a fun look for the Sona players that also have nostalgia for 8-bit games. The champion looks great playing on any of the maps. The only thing that I don't like about the Arcade Sona skin is that her ultimate doesn't look or sound as convincingly aggressive as the original Sona skin.

  2. Underworld Twisted Fate

    The Underworld Twisted Fate skin looks really good on one of the oldest and frequently tweaked champions in the game. The left hand of this skin has a menacing ghostly look to it. When the character throws cards in game, they have an aesthetically awesome ghostly tinge to them as well. This skin was first released for a Halloween event.

  3. Jade Dragon Wukong

    The Jade Dragon Wukong skin proves two things. First, it proves that Wukong is worth playing in the normal tier so that players can use the best skin in the game. Additionally, it proves that every League of Legend player's favorite monkey king looks even better in a light green. This skin was first released during a Chinese New Year event.

I believe that skins give players the opportunity to customize their favorite champions. If you have the money for it and you really want to, don't be afraid to purchase a cool skin for your champion of choice. The best item on this list is easily the Jade Dragon Wukong skin. Hopefully it's one that I'll keep using for a very long time.