The Best Mousepads for the Gamer

Published: November 28, 2013

The mousepad might seem like an irrelevant piece of equipment when you're putting together your first gaming rig. However, that surface you choose to put your mouse on can greatly affect performance, overall aesthetics, and personal enjoyment. This list covers three of the best performance mousepads for the gamer- from the casual tryhard to the tournament professional.

  1. Razer Goliathus

    The Razer Goliathus comes in many different sizes and two different types. There is a speed build, which is a very sheer cloth that is smooth to the touch, and there is the control build, which is a rough cloth that feels bumpy. I personally favor the control Goliathus over the speed, but that is completely up to the gamer. The pad is solid, well built, and durable. Because of its low price point, variation in sizes, and overall quality, it is the best mousepad on this list.

  2. Steelseries Experience

    The Steelseries Experience is unique among mousepads because it is comprised of glass. If you've never tried it before, you definitely should experience using a glass mousepad at least once. The Experience focuses heavily on control as opposed to speed. The surface is rough, and can be a little high maintenance compared to the other surfaces on this list. Overall, I love the sturdy build and highly recommend it. If the sound of scratching metal bothers you, you might not like this surface because it can produce similar sounds.

  3. Razer Vespula

    The Razer Vespula is a neat two sided mousepad. Like the Goliathus, it offers a speed surface and a control surface. The main difference is that both builds are available on the same mousepad. I think both surfaces work very well, but I think the price point is a little high for this type of surface. Many people do enjoy it for its versatiliy and decent size, and overall the Vespula is a sturdy mousepad.

I believe that each mousepad on this list has a unique flavor to offer. The Goliathus has the best to offer at the cheapest price point. If you're going to purchase the Goliathus, I highly recommend purchasing the medium sized pad. The large and extra-large builds are humongous.