Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Orange County

Published: November 28, 2013

Vietnamese food is delicious and if you're in Orange County, you're in a great place to try it! Here are some starters for you Vietnamese food newbies out there.

  1. Brodard


    Arguably the most popular resturant in Little Saigon, Brodard is famous for its nem nuong, or pork spring rolls.  They have the perfect ratio of juicy BBQ pork, veggies, and a bit of crispy goodness for that extra crunch.  Don't be fooled though - pretty much everything you get at Brodard is good, but I recommend trying the banh xeo or banh khot.

  2. Ngu Binh

    Ngu Binh is known for its delicious bun bo hue and banh beo.  If you love Pho, definitely check out bun bo hue - it is a spicier, more flavorful, and beefier noodle soup.  Banh beo is a delicious rice patty dish with ground shrimp and onion on top - but at Ngu Binh they specialize in cooking them fresh in separate little plates and using fresh shrimp.  

  3. Le Croissant Dore


    Le Croissant Dore is your one stop shop for delicious fruit pastries - like a pie with custard and yummy sugar-glazed fruit.  However, we recommend coming here for all your Vietnamese-French pastry needs - and don't forget to try their bo kho, or beef stew, which is arguably the best in town.  

Little Saigon is full of delicious food - and I hope this list helps you narrow down where you want to eat.  We recommend venturing outside this list if you want a real good taste of Saigon, but if you are in a rush, Brodard is your best bet for consistently good food no matter what you order.