The Best Painters in Chicago, IL

Published: November 28, 2013

At some point in their lives, every homeowner has to paint their home. Choosing the best painter for the job can be an overwhelming task. Let me reccommend some of the best painters in Chicago to get the job done.  


  1. Chicago Painters

    Chicago Painters is one paint company I need to reccommend. Their service is quick and professional. The painters work with you to create the exact look you desire for your home, and they always treat you and your family with respect. If you don't believe me, their awards speak for them!

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  2. Windy Painters

    Windy Painters is another paint company that cannot be missed. They do both interior and exterior painting, as well as other related services. Their painters have been extensively checked to make sure your home is safe and secure throughout the whole entire process.

    Link to their website

  3. No Games Painters

    No Games Painters truly lives up to its name--they don't mess around when it comes to giving you top notch service. From the beginning, they are quick when it comes to giving you an accurate quote. Their painting job work is amazing and the painters that do it are friendly, genuinely nice people. 


  4. ThompsonHoliday Painting

    ThompsonHoliday Painting makes the entire painting process stress-free. They focus on detail and attention to make sure the job gets done right. They are prompt and communicative from start to finish. I would highly recommend ThompsonHoliday Painting, as they are one of the most trustworthy companies around!

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  5. MAC Design Corp

    Last on this list but definitely not least, MAC Design Corp is another stellar Chicago-area painting company. They do both interior and exterior painting for homes and businesses. Besides simpe paint jobs, they can do all sorts of special patterns and textures to make your paint job especially unique. Best of all, their prices are extremely competitive with other companies, but their service is even better!

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Painting your home is an experience every homeowner will go through at some point. Though it may be new and overwhelming, feel luck that there are many Chicago-area painters to choose from. Make sure to check out these companies, especially Chicago Painters, when painting your home.