Best Fast Food Chains in Torrance

Published: November 28, 2013

The South Bay in Southern California refers to the area south Los Angeles International Airpoint and goes as far south as Long Beach. There's a lot of really good fast food to be had in this area. Some chains are most familiar in the West Coast and others are situated all around the nation. This list covers some of the best fast food you can pick up in Torrance, one of the biggest cities in the South Bay.

  1. In-n-Out Burger

    In-n-Out is a staple in the city of Torrance. Apparently the chain was such a huge staple that the city needed to build a second one about a mile and a half away from the first one. The first is located on Lomita and Crenshaw while the other is situated along Hawthorne Boulevard just past Torrance Boulevard.

    In-n-Out has some really good burgers, a special secret menu, and excellent shakes. I highly recommend that you try this burger chain if you never have before.

  2. Chipotle

    Chipotle is the Mexican phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. There are two Chipotles in the central part of Torrance. Interestingly both are located within spitting distance of both of the In-n-Out restaurants in Torrance.

    Although some of the claims made in their marketing campaigns are a little farfetched, Chipotle offers good food at a decent price. All of the salsas that they make go really well with your meal. They're a little stingy on the chips, but overall Chipotle is a great place to pick up some fast food in Torrance.

  3. Subway

    In terms of fast food chains not named In-n-Out or Chipotle, the quality of the food is generally pretty mediocre. That being said, there are a ton of Subway locations in the city of Torrance. Like Chipotle, Subway makes some interesting claims regarding the health of their food. However, I enjoy that fact that you can customize your sandwich and put basically whatever you want on it. I once had a bet with a friend that I could eat nothing but vegetarian for an entire month. During that time, I ate a ton of Veggie Delights from Subway. They're not particularly delightful, but they helped me win my bet if anything. I recommend the Italian BMT as my favorite sandwich.

Overall, since Torrance is such a big city, there are a lot of fast food chains located around the area. In-n-Out is hands down the best fast food chain in the city of Torrance. I also highly recommend frequenting the local restaurants that are family owned, since they also offer quality food at a reasonable price.