The Best Kinds of Shops in the World

Published: November 28, 2013

You have heard to 'shop around' on an occasion or two, but, did you really listen? It is easy to wind up shopping for everything or almost everything 'under one roof,' although exploring more kinds of stores is the best idea. If every bit of your hard earned money is squandered at once in the same place at the same time of the week at the same time of the day you are very possibly missing out. Shopping at different stores is enrichment for the soul. This list points to some interesting shops to explore more often.

  1. Boutiques

    What is a boutique? A boutique is a quaint little shop that has unusual wares for prices that are not too hefty. A boutique has jewelry, hair ornaments, scarves, signature items, small gifts and trends going for it. It is advantageous to keep boutiques alive as they host trinkets and accessories that you won't see everywhere else. Some boutiques specialize in children's wear or wedding supplies or even toys. Whatever the boutique has, women's clothing and accessories, baby gear or maybe rare furniture, it will be fashionable and a bit unique. Originally boutiques had expensive prices on expensive items but often anymore prices at boutiques are low and affordable. Try one out and see for yourself.

  2. Book Stores

    Everyone used to run to bookstores to purchase greeting cards, the latest novel, especially when it was released in paperback, and to get Fannie Mae or some sort of rich candy. Malls sprang up and there were Hallmark stores for cards and Wallace's stores for magazines and do-it-yourself books, and a selection of hard and soft cover books but you have to go to a mall and that just isn't the same, okay, but not the same. You get distracted by the other shops and worn on the way to the bookstore.

    While speaking of bookstores, there is the almighty Christian bookstore to look into. In a specialty book store such as this you will enjoy mounds of literature you can buy in the Christian mode, plus, odds and ends, trinkets and gifts. My second cousin is or was a missionary and she bought many interesting and unusual Christ oriented items in these bookstores. Look one over you will like what you see.

  3. Electronics Stores

    It makes one nervous, a lot of times, to approach an electronics store for just browsing, because everything is so tempting and who on earth can afford every electronic gadget that is offered? You want to get around this battle with the nerves so you can acquire the best, the most, and, the hottest electronic gear you can afford. Overcome your nerves on this one and bring yourself and your friend more pleasure! Study some merchandise online. There are plenty of reviews to read, and, make a list. After you get over your bad nerves it's time to go shopping.

    Those who work at an independent electronics store have some unique merchandise as they work hard to please customers and to stand up to larger chains. They will have weeded out the bad stuff from popular items as well. If you have a chain electronics store this is better than the department store that also sells electronics for many of the same reasons that the independent guy is better. The employees at electronics stores are very good advisors, they will individualize each customer and even if the cost is a little more that individualized advise should save you dollars in the future.

  4. Toy Stores

    Most toy stores you will find in this country are chain stores, but, the selection in these chair toy stores is heftier than the selection in most of the department stores or supercenters the entire year, not just on Christmas. You can spoil the children on your list by checking in a toy store for items they might love. In an authentic toy store find comic books, vintage toys, learning tools and more.

Each store is different. Each store is a worthwhile endeavor for visiting. There are also stationary stores, furniture stores, flooring stores, office supply stores and many others but they did not make this very best around the world list in my opinion. I think toy stores head the list for number one.