5 Random Game Apps To Try

Published: November 28, 2013

I'm too cheap to pay 99 cents for a game, and I'm not annoying enough to plaster Candy Crush or Dragon Story requests all over my face book, so I stick with these simple gems that are free, quick to play, and won't (generally) result in murderous rage.  

  1. Dots


    It's incredibly simple.  The sound effects are lovely.  You can get a real feeling of accomplishment if you stick with it.  Not the best choice if you are colorblind.  

  2. Wordfeud


    It's a scrabble game, but better than the scrabble app because it's simple, not cluttered, quick, has a nice board, and also offers a few different options like a randomized board.  You do not have to connect through any social media, so you can play annonymously in peace and your friends don't have to know about your fledging puzzles career.  If you get good, professional scrabble players can earn themselves $10,000 for winning certain tournaments.  Consider this app a wise investment in your future.  

  3. Gem Miner


    It's a mindless little game where you go underground and mine for coal and gold.  Quaint.  

  4. Robo Defense


    One of the best tower defense games out there.  Simple graphics, quite a few boards to choose from, great strategy, and a long list of accomplishments.  The free version only lets you get so far, but you might like it enough to shell out a few bucks.  If not, at least you tried the free version first.  

  5. Pocket Frogs


    Come on, surely you already have this one, it's immensely popular.  If you want to collect hundreds of cute little frogs and lure them around a lilypad and fret over their declining happiness and squee when they win little presents and contests, this game is for you.  If you have a heart of coal, this game is still for you.  Everyone loves tiny squishy amphibians. 

There are millions of apps out there, these aren't necessarily the best or anything special, but they ARE 5 random apps that will waste your time pleasantly, and that's all I promised.