Best Auto Repair from Benton KY

Published: November 28, 2013

Car repair can be such a headache. We are lucky to have good repair service in the immediate area. Talented men, and, sometimes even women, can fix your car, replace damaged or irrepairable parts and make certain everything that is appropriate for your particular make or model of car is well tuned.

  1. Country Chevrolet

    Country Chevrolet  can handle your service and repair needs. Schedule an appointment online, anytime. Do you need new tires, a tire matching service is available. Nicks and dents, trim, parts replacements and whatever you want done are taken care of by professionals with a high aptitude for repair. They are the workers who prepare totaled cars for resale as used cars. This business is located on West 5th St. just a minute or so east of the local Walmart Supercenter.

  2. Darnall's Auto Glass and Interiors

    Darnall's is found at 608 Main Street in Benton. They are the best at repairing windshields and other glass on your car. They also paint nicks and missing paint stemming from accidents. They will measure and order the appropriate glass for your vehicle usually in under a week so you can have your car back promptly.

  3. King Body Shop

    The men at King Body Shop are expert at repairing car body damage. They have been pleasing clients for more than 3 decades. Appointed by several local insurance companies to work with insurance appraisals you know they have earned a good reputation. Repair services include electrical system servicing, something not all mechanics do, suspension, steering and brake system repair and servicing, so crucial for your driving safety and air conditioner and cooling system servicing. You are in good hands at King Body Shop. They are found on 100 A St. in Benton's North side.

  4. Lawrence Wheel Alignment and Body Repair

    Boyce has a great little car repair shop, actually it's on the large side for the location. Years of experience with all makes and models let the men who work here repair your engine, perform services or do complete body work do a really good job. You will be charged a fair price for your problem as well.

  5. Defew's

    This list would not be complete without the very popular neighborhood car artist. He and his family also paint trucks of course. They even customize motorbikes with their painting talent. On top of being accepted by accident insurance companies as qualifying to work on wrecked cars covered by the insurance policy held by the victim, Jim Defew services non-accident induced car problems in between custom painting of the vehicles brought in to him. 

Please get your car fixed when it needs to be fixed. Please stay on the scene of even a minor accident so you get full credit with your insurance company and so you don't get arrested! Do consider a little artwork after the body work, personalize your car, especially if the artist is only minutes away. Each business listed here have been in the area for a duration of time. Each one has an expertise or an asset you might be looking for. My top pick is Country Chevrolet for the best of all-in-one-place repair options.