Stuck at Home

Published: November 27, 2013

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Oh the rain stopped! Hooray! Too bad I’m still stuck at home.

Those were the thoughts that ran through my head everyday last year. I was stuck at home for 6 months straight because of an illness. I was still capable of doing things here and there, but going outside was almost NEVER an option. I made the most of my freetime by doing all sorts of things. So, for any of you out there in the same situation as I had, whether it be an illness, a broken leg, or just a really long rainy day, I’d like to give you some options to help you pass the time!

  1. Reorganize and clean!

    Look at all the free time you have now! Finally! Time to clean out the basement, reorganize your shelves, dust and clean and dust and clean.. Pending your health condition, you can do oh so much. And don’t just reorganize. Reinvent your space! Make a new innovative, artistic, and maybe even more ergonomic setup for your everyday lifestyle. You’re stuck at home so you might as well surround yourself with awesomeness!

    Like my setup? My TV now doubles as a large monitor for my laptop, and my laptop can now sit on the side as a spare screen!

  2. Do old puzzles!

    Look what I found! I got this as a gift when I was like 12 years old! I’m 25 now.. so it’s about time I actually finished it. No, it didn’t take me all that time to finish. But I did keep the nearly untouched puzzle box hidden away and completely forgot about it.

  3. Draw, paint, scribble scrabble

    Draw cartoon characters and doodle in a sketchbook! Paint a bowl of fruit, except better..

    Can’t come up with inspiration or don’t know what to draw or paint? Look around you (or look on the Internet.. which is technically all around you in WiFi form, at all times.. freaky). Draw your old Saturday morning cartoon characters, draw friends, faces, places, space, shoe laces, or you could play Scrabble..

  4. Starting to get bored and crazy? Do more art!

    Let the inner weirdness flow through you (and onto your computer screen!). I went especially bored/crazy with these masterpieces. How so? I don’t own Photoshop or any image editing program. I used Paint. Basic, free, Paint. I touched up edges and colors with the Pencil tool and 800% Zoom. How? One.. pixel.. at a time..

    By the time I was finished with this gem, I was so out of it that I decided to put Dick Cheney in the background as a balloon. At least he wasn't holding a shotgun.

  5. Get in touch with old friends

    Go for it! You got all day in front of your computer to chat! Got just 100 friends on Facebook? Well, make it 500 by the end of the day! Actually no.. don’t. It’s sorta creepy to add too many people you barely know. Jajaja.

    I did not get permission from my friends to post a picture of them. That fish.. he and I go waaay back.

  6. Get rid of old friends..

    Or.. You can be more like me! When I was sick last year, a very large sum of my old “friends” didn’t give a rip. They were all too caught up with a mishap I caused with their group leader some years back. I don’t know what else to call him.. Head of the group? Guy-who-plans-stuff? Well anyway, I asked out his ex-girlfriend. Since then I’ve been banned from hanging out with the group. Nobody from the group talked to me for the longest time, not even when I got sick. Only a few friends that I was actually close-ish too contacted me during that time. The rest of them didn’t give so much of a “get well soon”. So, screw the rest of those dips. We’re even now.

  7. Build and invent stuff!

    Whoa! That got kinda negative there for a second.. Back to more fun stuff you can do while stuck at home! Invent stuff! Maybe you’ll make the longer-longer-lasting lightbulb or 17-slot toaster that spreads jam for you, and then you’ll be a millionaire! Or at the very least, invent something that’ll improve your living space for as long as you’re stuck at home. Might as well make your daily routines more interesting!

  8. Learn new things!

    I couldn't really find any personal pictures of "learning new things", so here's a picture of my kitten Felix!

    Learn to play an instrument or maybe learn the basics of a new sport by watching YouTube videos! I’d recommend  doing the latter in your backyard if you’re able to. Or maybe you could learn card tricks, read a new genre of novels, learn how to read a new language.. Heck, give a go at solving one of the world’s unsolvable math equations! I tried that one, but I gave up (after 2 seconds).

  9. Play computer games

    Expand your virtual world to new heights never before achieved! Build, explore, win! Here’s my 20-hour project in Minecraft. All done legit- I gathered all materials and blocks one by one from trees planted and grown one by one.. The sad thing is, people who didn’t have as much free time as I did were able to do this..


  10. Exercise

    Very important to do! Why is it at the end of the list then? Because it’s the most tiresome, boring, not fun thing to do out of everything. But it’s essential, especially if you’re stuck in bed for a long time. Once you’re up and about, you’ll need to rehab your physical body in some form or another. Might as well get started while you still got the spare time. Speed-walk indoors, job up and down the stairs, do jumping jacks, learn yoga (through YouTube probably), do pushups, and most of all.. Um.. I don’t know. Other stuff.

    This one is actually a picture of me. But I don't feel like showing my face :)

So there you have it. Stuff to do. Hope this helps anyone out there stuck in their house! Make the most of your free time, even if it is spent ill or injured.

When life throws you lemons, throw them out the window at your neighbors and start a very citrusy and painful food fight!