Best Taco Trucks in Seattle

Published: November 27, 2013

I love Mexican Food...absolutely love it!!!! So if you are looking for some great real homestyle Mexican food you will find it at a taco truck!

  1. Taqueria La Carreta

    Now I know this may not look like the best place to eat but take my word this is the best! Taqueria La Carreta is an old school bus turned into this fabulous taco truck. Their food is amazing and trust me when I say you get more than enough at a unbelieveable price. I am a huge fan of lengua and this is the only place I get them from now. They also have great small soft tacos and gorditas.

  2. Taqueria El Jarocho

    Taqueria El Jarocho is also a great taco truck, they have a great smoothered burrito and what I like most about these guys is they have tables outside for you to sit and eat at if you want.


  3. Tacos el Asadero

    Tacos el Asadero is located in south Seattle but well worth the trip for me. I personally love their pork adobado tacos which are hard to find, their prices are great and a wide selection to choose from.


So regeardless if you love Mexican food trying these taco trucks are a must, take the family and make it a great weekend taco truck adventure.