The Best Candy Bars

Published: November 27, 2013

Candy bars are an all time favorite, a full ounce or so of candy in most cases, and easily tide you over until the next meal any time you are starving well ahead of schedule. You get a boost from eating a candy bar from the sugar and sometime protein found in them so you might choose a candy bar any time you are feeling low. Each candy bars has its own unique traits that keep people coming back for more, some of the candy bars are harder to find than others and when your favorite isn't stocked you might reach for potato chips or bagged candies instead.

  1. Zero

    Zero candy bars are unique as they are covered in white fudge. This might be a nice candy bar to choose around the holiday season as it is festive. The Zero candy bar was the one you would put in the freezer and freeze before eating eons ago, today many candy bars are eaten that way, such as Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Twix or Milky Way Bars.

  2. 5th Avenue

    The 5th Avenue is just delicious with a crunchy center that is never stale or flat tastingand a rich chocolate coating. The 5th Avenue was made by the Luden company, in particular during WWII, when they concentrated production solely on the Luden's cough drops and the 5th avenue candy bars for American soldiers.

  3. Zagnut

    The Zagnut is loaded with toasted coconut and is scrumptious. The crunchy center is sweet and includes molasses and ground peanuts. This candy bar has 3 grams of protein, 1 gram of fiber and some iron which is a bonus. Zagnuts have no chocolate so they don't melt in hot temperatures or hot climates. They are not the most chosen bar but are equally as good as the chocolate candy bars and are a very good choice during summer months or for lunch boxes that might get near a heat source before lunch. 


  4. Almond Joy

    I like Almond Joy because it is a good candy bar and because you can make your own at home if you want. Moist, tender coconut, dark rich chocolate and a crunchy almond are different, and, heavenly to munch. There are still two pieces in the package making it nicer to save one for later or to share between brothers and sisters so as to teach children good habits of under-indulging and sharing.

  5. Cadbury Creme Egg

    Cadbury Creme Eggs look like authentic eggs on the inside, if you have never tried them. They have a rich taste that you might not guess since they are sold most heavily during the Easter season. But this is milseading because they really taste rich and creamy from inside to the outer shell. Once you try the Cadbury Creme Egg it will always go on the shopping list for special occasions because it tasted so good.

  6. Rolo

    Rolo is not really a bar but in a roll, yet it is in the candy bar aisle. Rolo is the luscious caramel you can usually only find in boxed chocolates, plus Rolo is cute, you can decorate with it. You could make tiles on a gingerbread house, wheels on birthday cakes and more with a couple of rolls of rolos. Rolos are used for making Pretzel Turtles, something you love to nosh on at parties or on holidays.

  7. 100 Thousand Grand Bar

    When you want some rice crunchies in your candy try this bar out with a generous caramel filling and crisped rice in the coating. It is so good. It is made by Nestle when many candy bars have been added to Hershey's company either for manufacture or sales in this country this bar is made and distributed by the Nestle company.

  8. Heath Bar

    A Heath Bar is a little thicker than a Skor Bar. It is the crackle and crunch in birthday cake icing and baking chips. The bars are a lot a like but the chocolate on the Heath Bar is a little lighter, a little bit sweeter. A snack size Heath Candy Bar has a mere 50 calories!

  9. PayDay

    Peanuts galore are found as the coating for the PayDay candy bar. If you love peanuts you will get almost a full bag in this bar,  plus the peanuts taste good. A full 7 grams of protein are in this caramel rich candy bar so with a beverage you have a total mini-meal.

  10. Mr. Goodbar

    Peanuts and chocolate in abundance are found in the Mr. Goodbar. This one is good for a hungry soul, very hungy. There is just something about it that satifies extreme hunger. A bright yellow wrapper is fun and I think a plus.

  11. Milky Way

    A creamy Milky Way is so delicious, and, like a Zero you can freeze the Milky Ways and eat them frozen. The whipped nougat will thaw as you eat and you have an ice cream novelty and a candy bar all in one. Milky Way has light chocolate nougat and caramel inside a milk chocolate coating and is just so good.

  12. Butterfinger

    Butterfingers are very delicious and very crunchy with a warm sensation that follows having eaten one. The Butterfinger Candy Bars are great crumbled into recipes. They come in miniature sizes and you can take them camping or put them in your lunch box readily. 

Many of these candy bars are made by the Hershey company or they have the rights to the sales of the candy in this country which might come as a surprise.

All of the candy bars here are good tasting and that is why they are on the list.

You might spoil your appetite by eating a candy bar, which could be a good thing. My favorite candy bar is the 5th Avenue bar with just the right amount of chocolate, sweet and crunch even though creamy centers are really good too!