Top 5 Unique Hair Color Dyes

Published: November 27, 2013

In recent years unique colors like pink,red and even neon green has been in trend for anyone who wants a streak of color or just a bold decision overall. There is multiple brands and some are better than others, and some just tend to be bad. 

This list is some of the longest lasting on the market.

  1. Jerome Russel's Flamingo Pink

    Currently one of the best and longest lasting pink I've sound Jerome Russel's Flamingo Pink lasts for weeks. Most pinks start to go orange after just one wash but this pink will stay consistent and fade to a pastel.You can find this on Amazon or at CVS


    Pro: Long Lasts, Great Fade, Cheaper than most dyes

    Cons: Does start out a little more redish

  2. N Rage's Purple Plum

    Most of N Rage's product is terrible, but purple plum is one of the longest lastin purples out there. It starts off very dark but lasts for months. You can find N Rage at Sally's or online.

    Pros: Long Lasting, Cheaper than most

    Cons: Hard to apply

  3. Manic Panic's Rockabilly Blue

    A extremely dark blue color that will probably stay on your hair forever unless bleached out. Rock A billy blue is one of Manic Panic's best hair dyes. The color reminds me of when you draw with a blue pen and it hasn't dried yet. It does bleed very badly, so don't put to much on

    Pro: Extremely Long Lasting

    Cons:Terrible Bleedage and stains easily, Expensive 

  4. Directions Violet

    Directions is one of the best brands out there, sadly for people in the USA it is only available online. They have a huge variety of shades, and Violet is one of their bests. Their Violer has a more red shade then most but its long lasting and the color is great

    Pro:Long Lasting,Great color


  5. Wella's 050

    One of the only silver dyes out there Wella's shade 050 is longer lasting than creme colors. Used with developer it is a bit more damaging than toning, but the color isn't white like what you'd get with creme. You can also find it at sally's for less than 5$ a bottle excluding developer

    Pros:One of the only silvers,Long Lasting,Cheap

    Cons:More damaging

There is many options for hair dying so before you do decide to take the step, do research. There are many brands that last long but these are the best on the market right now. Please remember though, just because one shade from a company lasts long, not all their shades do.