Top 10 Namie Amuro songs

Published: November 27, 2013


Namie Amuro first made her debut in 1992 in the girl group Super Monkey's, but went solo in 1995. Today she is one of Japan's most popular singer and has sold millions of albums. Due to her success she gained the nickname Queen of Hip Pop. One of the longest surviving acts in Japan Namie Amuro is still going strong.

  1. Wild

    Namie Amuro's 34th single Wild was released in 2009 along side her other song Dr. Selling over 100,000 singles Wild was certified gold. The music video also is a perfect display of Namie Amuro's dance skills. Wild's addicting electronic beat and lyrics structure makes it a song that is hard not to listen to.

  2. First Timer

    Released on Namie Amuro's album Past<Future in 2009, First timer features Doberman Inc who helped write the lyrics and the composition. Although there is no music video for First Timer the song still shine with its rap break and smooth melody. 


  3. Step with It

    Released in 2007 on the Namie's album Play, Step with It also doesn't have a music video but still remains one of her best songs. With Namie Amuro repeating step with it and the smooth Hip pop beat Step with it is a great song for dancing or just for enjoyment 

  4. Want Me,Want Me

    Want me, Want me is Namie Amuro's 28th single want sold over 100,000 copies. Throught the song the sitar is used and helps give the song a more reggaeton and indian vibe. Due to it's indian sound Want Me, Want me was also in a bollywood movie covered by Nisha Kothari

  5. Steal my Night

    Another song off Namie Amuro's album Past<Future, Steal My Night was witten by Jeff Miyahara and is also not a promotional track. The song is more heavily eletronic than most of her songs but still helps show her variety in music. 

  6. Copy That

    Copy that is also another song of Past<Future. The song has a mysterious feel to it and sounds like you'd hear it in the pink panther. The song was also used in a Vidal Sassoon campaign along with some of her other songs.

  7. #1

    Off her collabroation album Checkmate released in 2001, #1 features Kaname Kawabata from CHEMISTRY. Kaname and Namie's vocals go very well together and provides chemistry between the two throughout the song and the music video. #1 is one of Namie's more R&B songs and the best of her collabs. 

  8. Sexy Girl

    Released on Namie's album Best Fiction which was a her third best of album, it was one of the two new songs on the album. One of her more risque songs Sexy Girl is catchy and the dance break makes it eay to dance to. The song was also used as a theme song for Otome No Punch.

  9. Do Me More

    Another new song off Namie's Best Fiction album, Do Me More was also used in another Vidal Sassoon campaign involving Namie. The song starts with a creepy feelings and through out gives a dream like vibe. The music video also has a Alice In Wonderland like concept. 

  10. Higher

    A newer song, Higher was released on Namie's 37th single, Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!/Love Story.Higher. Released in 2011, Higher is upbeat but extremely relaxing and dreamy and less hip pop like most of her songs.  The song talks about going higher and going for what you want.

Namie Amuro has been a soloist since 1995 and has managed to stay popular due to her variety in music and overall quality. She's a great dancer and a fashion icon and has sold over 31 million albums. Almost all of her songs are good even past the top 10.