Top 10 K-pop songs of 2012

Published: November 27, 2013

If you weren't a fan of K-pop until just recently you missed out on some amazing songs from 2012. This list will give you the top 10 based on catchyness, concept and overall how enjoyable the experience of listening to these songs were. 

  1. Twinkle-TTS

    Released in April, Twinkle is the title track of TTS's first minialbum. TTS is the first subunit by mega girl group Girls Generation, and the release of this song further proved that just 3 members can outsell anyone. Twinkle is filled with amazing vocals and has inspiration from funk and go-go.  The music video is equally as interesting as the song and have gathered almost 44million views

    Twinkle Music Video

  2. Sexy Love-T-ara

    Released in September Sexy Love is probably the most catchy song of 2012. Although not a hit on the charts due to a controversy involving the members it managed to peak at number 4. Due to it's english hooks and heavily electronic beats Sexy Love is a song many can enjoy.

    Sexy Love Music Video

  3. Like This-Wonder Girls

    Released in June Like this was able to be number 1 for the month of June. Like this is the title track of the Wonder Girls 2nd minialbum Wonder Party. Like this is extremely addicting and is easy to dance too. Their whole minialbum is filled with good songs, so I suggest everyone gives it a listen.

    Like This Music Video

  4. Electric Shock-F(x)

    Released in June by f(x) Eletric shock is the title track of f(x)'s second mini-album. Electric shock is a energetic eletricpop song and was voted the 4th best song of the year by professionals in the korean music industry. With 52 million views on youtube, electric shock was a hit with internation and domestic K-pop fans.

    Electric Shock Music Video

  5. Volume Up-4Minute

    Released in April Volume Up is one of 4Minute's biggest hits. Catching attenion with the saxophone in the beginning of the song Volume Up is one of the more unique songs of 2012. It's music video was said to cost over $130,000 to create which helped make it especially high quality.

    Volume Up Music Video

  6. Lipstick-Orange Caramel

    Another song from a sub-unit graces the list. Orange Caramel is a trio from After School and revolves around a cuter concept. Lipstick was released in September and is the title track of Orange Caramel's 1st album. With a extremely repeative beat lipstick will be stuck in your head for hours.

    Lip Stick Music Video

  7. Trouble Maker-Trouble Maker

    One of the first co-ed subunits Trouble Maker released a self titled track in December. With Hyunseungs singing talent and Hyuna's rapping Trouble Maker became a hit won the "Hot Trend Song"award at the Melon Awards. The song also won more awards for it's dance.

    Trouble Maker Music Video

  8. Hush-Apink

    A less popular song Hush was released in May as the title track of Apink's first album. Hush is a flirty song and catches attention with the hook "hush". The song also helped boost Apink's popularity and they were album to win many awards in 2012.

  9. 1,2,3,4-Lee Hi

    1,2,3,4 was Lee Hi's debut song and was released in October. A instant hit 1,2,3,4 was able to get a triple crown on Korean music shows and helped Lee Hi become one of Korea's most popular female soloists. Unlike most K-pop songs 1,2,3,4 takes a more jazz and R&B route to help show off Lee Hi's vocal skills.

    1,2,3,4 Music Video

  10. The Chaser-Infinite

    Sadly the first and only song by a boy group on the list, The Chaser by Infinite was released in May. The Chaser is another song by Infinite composed by Sweetune, and is a perfect example of Infinite's unique sound. 

    The Chaser Music Video

Although Sub-Units and girls took over the list, many boy groups released good songs in 2012, and I suggest everyone who wants to find more great music look over charts like Gaon for a list of the most popular songs of 2012.