The Best DotA 2 Game Modes

Published: November 27, 2013

Defense of the Ancients 2 offers a lot of intriguing game modes that can force you to learn all sorts of new champions. I highly recommend that you try each of the modes on this list to challenge yourself to learn the mechanics of each champion in the game.

  1. Least Played

    Least Played Mode requires each player to choose from a pool of champions that they have played the least. For a lot of new DotA 2 players, this means playing champions that they have never played before. Don't worry though. You'll be in good company because everyone in the game will be required to choose a champion they have played the least. If you're not sure if you have played a champion yet, fire up Least Played Mode. It'll help you learn the skill set and mechanics of each champion.

  2. Random Draft

    Random Draft mode has players choose champions from a pool of champions that his randomly selected prior to the beginning of the game. The teams will switch off choosing champions to play, so it is quite similar to the tournament style of Captain's Draft Mode. However, it requires no team communication, so if you're playing by yourself, Random Draft mode can definitely help you get used to counter picking champions and playing in a draft format.

  3. Single Draft

    In Single Draft mode, each player will be given three champions to choose from. Each of the three champions will represent one of the following types: Agility, Intelligence, and Strength. The Single Draft mode allows players to choose a champion from a small pool of champions. This will definitely develop a player's ability to choose champions that will synergize well with the team and is my favorite mode in the current DotA 2 lineup.

There are quite a few different modes you can choose from when you play DotA 2. I highly recommend Single Draft mode the best. The champions that you are given are exclusive to you, so you don't have to worry about fighting over a champion with your teammates. Additionally, it will force you to synergize with your team, which may result in you choosing a champion that you might not be familiar with.