The Best Items in The Binding of Isaac

Published: November 27, 2013

Do you want some powerful item combinations that will make your gameplay through The Binding of Isaac easy? This list covers the best items in the game, explaining their mechanics and what make them so strong. Additionally, I will talk about some key combinations that make the game almost laughably easy.

  1. 1UP

    The 1UP item looks suspiciously similar to the favorite mushroom of a well known plumber that likes to wear red. What makes this item so good is that, in a game where there is absolutely no saves, it's good to have a do-over handy just in case the final boss gets the best of you the first time. When you regenerate, you will have your health completely regenerated as well.

  2. Mom's Knife

    Mom's Knife can be found all sorts of ways in the game. It is often an item pickup in the Devil Room. Additionally, you can get it in Treasure Rooms. The item will turn your weapon into a knife that you can throw a limited distance. The knife will return to you after reaching its apex. This item is very strong with damage boosting items like Polyphemus.

  3. Brimstone

    Brimstone is my favorite item in the game. It allows your character to charge up a powerful laser shot that pierces enemies and deals tons of damage. The item can be found in the Devil Room as well as from red treasure chests. Like Mom's Knife, it synergizes well with damage items, sometimes making the game laughably easy.

These items in The Binding of Isaac are a lot of fun to use and make the game a lot easier. I usually do a celebratory fist pump after I pick up one of these powerful items. The best item on this list is the Brimstone item.