Top 3 American League West Shortstops

Published: November 27, 2013

Taking a look at the American League talent in the West Coast at the shortstop position, we see a lot of teams increasingly focused on defense over offense. A lot of the American League West shortstops have pride in their gloves. This list will cover the best all-around shortstops in the AL West, along with a look over their 2013 season.

  1. Elvis Andrus - Texas Rangers

    Elvis Andrus keyed the running game for the speed oriented Texas Rangers. In 156 games played, Andrus stole 42 bases and batted .271 with 91 runs scored.

    In the midst of doubling his stolen base total for the season, Andrus also was caught stealing only 8 times. With the mighty bat of Prince Fielder added to the lineup, look for Andrus to finally break 100 runs scored in the 2014 season.

  2. Brad Miller - Seattle Mariners

    In 2013, Brad Miller earned the starting shortstop role. Expect to see him there on Opening Day. In a very small sample size, his numbers have been consistent with that of an everyday shortstop. He posted a .265 batting average and had 41 runs scored in a Mariners offense starved for power. In 306 at bats however, he has struck out about 16% of the time. If he maintains a good approach at the plate, look for him to add value at the shortstop position.

  3. Jed Lowrie - Oakland Athletics

    Jed Lowrie had one of his worst offensive years as a baseball player, but still batted a respectable .290 batting average with 80 runs scored. He started the year at second base, but look for him to be patrolling the infield in 2014 for the Athletics. Although Lowrie's numbers have taken a hit, his bat still remains a force in the Athletics lineup. With a supporting cast of Josh Donaldson and Yoenis Cespedes, look for Lowrie to post solid numbers in 2014.

Overall, the American League West sports shortstops that have solid defensive numbers and good speed. Look for a lot of them to produce in fantasy baseball leagues with a healthy number of runs scored and stolen bases. The best on this list is clearly Elvis Andrus, who has good legs and a little bit of pop in his bat as well.