5 Best Upstate Landscapers

Published: November 27, 2013

Your home is where your heart is. It is also one of the major first impressions people get of you and your family. So, obviously, having a well groomed landscape is important. You may also want to consider, if you can in your neighborhood, adding some personal flair and style to things.

I've hunted up the names of some of the finest landscapers in the Upstate. Some are more about image, and some affordability and reliability.

  1. Upkeep Charlie

    Landscapers can be like mechanics. Sometimes they give you a price, then slam you with extras just after you think you're ok. I can't stand this kind of behavior. I found, through a small landlord group, Upkeep Charlie. With flat rates base don time and no extras ever, they are trustworthy and reliable as well as affordable.

    You can reach them at:

    411 University Ridge, Greenville, SC 29601
    (864) 605-3974

    Or visit their webpage at https://www.upkeepcharlie.com/greenville/landscaping/

  2. Todd Rudisill, Inc. Landscaping & Design

    I've seen many flag stone layes and landscapers over this last half a decade, but Todd and his crew are impressive. With a personal touch, plenty of resources for exotic stones, and a deep tuned in attitude for beauty, they have laid some absolutely amazing paths. Now Todd is not the cheapest, but if you see his work, like this:

    you can reach Todd at:

    Email:  office@toddrudisill.com

    Phone:  864-248-0878

    or visit their website @ http://www.toddrudisill.com/

  3. NaturaLawn of Greenville

    A crucial part of landscaping is feeding and weeding. I'm a big one for organic where and how ever i can get it. NaturaLawn provides both servicing, and the ability to buy the products yourself. this is convienient if you run your own business, but want to use these products for more eco-concious consumers.

    You cna reach them at:

    Naturalawn Of America

    1120 W Butler Rd

    Greenville, SC 29607

    (864) 277-1135

    or visit their page NaturaLawn Greenville

  4. Down To Earth of the Upstate

    Dan and his crew are another environmentally aware company, which i love. They do everything from Outdoor Kitchens to upkeep. Even their pavers are permeable and environmentally friendly! That's saying a great deal! More important, they back up their work and will fix it if they are laying a path or building a wall and something goes wrong. This kind of integrity is very important.

    Contact them at

    Down to Earth of the Upstate
    103 West Montclaire Ave
    Greenville, SC 29609
    864-236-ROOT (7668)

    or hit the web page http://www.downtoearthupstate.com/index.html

    one of their jobs by my house


  5. A Yard Of Dreams

    A full service landscaper, these guys often work from construction on in the Easley area. Focusing on flowers, shrubs, and color, they are great for older couples who want the yard that's so bright, it almost hurts the eyes for all the blooms. More important, to my line of work, they trouble shoot and do free estimates when another landscaper has blown the job.

    Get a hold of them at:

    A Yard of Dreams
    Easley, South Carolina
    Phone: 864-724-9108
    Email: dwredbaker@bellsouth.net


So, if you're looking for color, quality, or reliable pricing, you now have some new options. There are many more quality businesses in the Greater Greenville/Anderson area; way more than crooks actually. Always ask for proof of insurance, references, and licenses before you do anything!