Top 5 Random Gifts on Amazon

Published: November 26, 2013

Need a gift for someone you barely know?  Have an extra $5 and want to buy something grand for yourself?  Feeilng a little frisky today and want to take a leap into random gadgetry, liquid metals, or very difficult puzzles?  Here, buy this stuff:

  1. Pineapple Corer


    You need this.  You think you don't, because you never use your avocado slicer or banana cutter or egg peeler, and you think this will be just the same.  Trust me, it won't.  It's like $5, so just buy it. 



    1. You will eat more pineapple

    2. You will have an empty pineapple shell that is perfect for pina coladas or just a bunch of vodka.  This is the MOST eco-friendly cup you could ask for.  

  2. Gallium


    It's a metal.  It melts in your hands.  It's like silly putty for adults.  Do not eat it.  Do not let your dog eat it.  

  3. Puzzles

    This puzzle.  It's white.  No picture.  No satisfaction when you're done.  Just.. a blank canvas and hours and hours of frustration.  On the bright side, it's easy to cheat and just smash the pieces together for an "almost fit" and the picture looks just the same. 

  4. Lucky Charms Marshmellows


    Let's be honest, no one eats that weird grany part of the cereal, we just get right to the marshmellows.  Skip the grunt work, pick up a bag of marshmellows.  I'd recommend buying the milk at your local store, not off Amazon (but they have that too..

  5. 55 Gallons of Lube


    Probably not the best gift for a casual coworker.  No, nevermind.  THE best gift.  For anyone.  

Well there you go.  Get shopping.  You can use my Amazon Prime account for free shipping if you want.  Everything will go to my house, but we'll work it out how to get it to you.  You, man.