The Best Cleaning Gadgets That Won't Break the Bank

Published: November 26, 2013

These house cleaning tools make the chore of cleaning up easier. These are my favorite because they are long lasting, versatile and inexpensive. The items are also not difficult to store or clean-up after each use and this criteria helps them last even longer.

  1. Long Handle Pot Brush Scrubber

    A nice sturdy pot and pan brush with flat bristles and a scrubber on top can wash most dishes in record time including plates, bowls, casseroles and skillets of all sizes. Brushes sometimes just spray dirt around and leave streaks but this type of brush cleans things up quickly. They are good to have on hand around the stove and refrigerator also to get crumbs from nooks and crannies. They are such a good investment at under $4.

  2. Swiffer Sweeper for Floors

    These nab every last dust particle from your floors. Such a nice clean barefoot feeling especially if your house really gets dirty. I would say these are essential for tidying up or grooming your non-carpeted floors. The pivoting head is amazing for getting under everything in the room, even the low pieces of furniture. Storage also is a breeze because the rectangular base folds all the way up and can be stored in a very narrow area in an upright position undetected. Extra replacement cloths come in a box of various numbers and smaller boxes cost under $5 while each cloth lasts probably up to two weeks. These are worth the expense anyway. You can also get a little of the upper surface lint and hair from your rugs with these.

  3. Hydrogen Peroxide Plus a Spray Bottle

    Making a hydrogen peroxide spray bottle is a must if you have mold or milder anywhere in your home. Damp basements, rainy days, hurricanes, ceiling leaks and floods can create mildew stains and mold that is difficult to remove wihout ruining something else about the finsih involved. Yet with hydrogen peroxide you just spray, wait six to twenty minutes, and, wipe away the black and gray stains. These could be in your home on ceilings or baseboards, even on the door, or, outdoors in your car or boat. For heavy build-up just keep repeating the process of spray, wait 6-20 and wipe.

  4. Nail Polish

    Does this sound crazy? Maybe it is crazy but it really helps. It help repair nicks and scratches on just about anything from wall paper to your stovetop or countertop. Just use a matching color. Now, if you don't use nail polish and your sister or best friend don't use it either, other than clear, you will just have to buy some. I promise this is a good investment. Colors that work for repairs include white, cream, black, brown, deep blue and spice or copper. These fix, well do a pretty good job of concealing, nicks in appliances, wall covering, wood furniture, picture frames, figurines and more until you have a better idea. You can paint the polish over the flaw with the brush that is in the bottle or with a cotton swab.

    The polishes should be rather opague because you are hiding flaws with it. You cold even use some of it on your nails, maybe even some nail art!

  5. Waxed Paper

    I know you want to buy emerald green saran wrap and clear saran sticky squares, zip lock baggies and various releases of aluminum foil to cover and wrap leftovers. 

    • You could wrap sandwiches in it to save money, and, it is good for wrapping leftover meatloaf, anything square.

    • It makes great parchment paper so you can bake like Paula Deen and other great celebrity cooks.

    You may not like these ideas except during desparate moments when you have nothing else to choose from but here is the find that I have been enjoying for months now: Use it instead of paper towels when you were using the paper towel to hold your snacks instead of a plate. 

    Paper towels are a bit of a bad habit with many people, including myself, I like my idea, my find. I have already save a few rolls of towels with this trick as I snack a lot instead of eating big meals. Similarly place a square of the waxed paper on the plate and you won't have to wash it until several snacks later. The waxed paper actually can be turned over a few times and reused. My mother used to use the waxed paper for covering bowls and then she would put a rubberband around the tops of those bowls. I think everyone is out of the habit of this kitchen helper and it is worth a mention.

    As I keep reaching for my waxed paper I am also covering my countertop with it before I cook. Then I decide to place some on the shelves in the refrigerater that will hold what I'm having for dinner until dinner time. Waxed paper is my new favorite.

    As Parchment Paper 

I am going to choose the pot scrubber brush as the best of the group, although I am excited about each of these choices. This is perhaps the very best one, if one has to choose, because it holds up for a very long time.