The Top 13 TV Comedies of 2013

Published: November 26, 2013

A ranking of the best comedies on TV for 2013, a mixture of my own personal liking of a show and the show's overall quality

  1. Archer (FX)

    There's maybe been one instance total of a joke not landing in this show.

  2. Parks & Recreation (NBC)

    Nearly every character in this show is hugely entertaining and hilariously delivers the well-written jokes

  3. The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)

    That is Colbert twerking against death sticking his tongue out a la Miley Cyrus. That alone makes this show worthy of being on this list, but great jokes and Colbert's quick wit (on display during his interviews) solidies his placing.

  4. Modern Family (ABC)

    Sure, Cam & Mitch sniping at each other and most of their plotlines involving jealousy or insecurity is wearing thin and Manny hasn't really be great since season 1, but the rest of the cast (especially the Phil & Claire Dunphey family) still make this a consistently hilarious show.

  5. The Daily Show (Comedy Central)

    That they can churn out jokes and segments of events and news stories happening hours before the show is shot and do so well makes The Daily Show still a great show to watch in a non-election year. That it also informs the audience of the news and how the government works (or doesn't) is the cherry on top

  6. Veep (HBO)

    With more of an extended plot (especially towards the end of the season), Veep built upon its already solid first season and became downright hilarious with possibly the best comedic cast on TV now.

  7. The Soup (E!)

    The Soup is to the wasteland that is reality TV what The Daily Show & The Colbert Report are to politics and TV news. The jokes are sharp and Joel McHale delivers them with such sting, it really deserves a mention.

  8. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FXX)

    After a handful of hit-and-miss seasons, Always Sunny came back roaring (in its 8th season no less). Never a bad or mediocre ep this season, though the best ones are at the beginning of this season. The gang proves they can still sink deeper into their moral decay, with hilarious results.

  9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)

    I should preface this by saying I've never been a huge fan of Andy Samberg's wacky shenanigans, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine manages to use his Samberg-ness almost perfectly. Solid writing from two longtime Parks & Rec writers coupled with a solid cast makes for one of the bright spots of the fall television season.

  10. The Crazy Ones (CBS)

    Some people don't care for this show, but I liked it from the very first episode. Robin Williams's great energy, coupled with a FANTASTIC cast, great chemistry and clever writing makes for a fun-filled show. I could watch an entire show based solely on Williams & James Wolk riffing off each other.

  11. Raising Hope (FOX)

    While it often gets overshadowed by other comedies, Raising Hope has been a consistently funny show for the past 4 seasons thanks to its cast (Burt & Virginia Chance are one of the best couples on TV) and its writing.

  12. Derek (Netflix)

    Ricky Gervais takes nearly a 180-degree turn from his prior work and he largely succeeds. This short 5-6 episode series is unexpectantly and surprisingly poignant, hitting you with an emotional whallop when you least expect it and that, in addition to its jokes, is really why it made this list. Get read for musical montages though, Gervais REALLY loves them in this series.

  13. 30 Rock (NBC)

    30 Rock only aired its last handful of episodes in 2013. But goshdarnit, I love Liz Lemon & Co so much they deserved a mention.

Just missing the cut: NTSF:SD:SUV:: (Adult Swim), Pramface (BBC), The Awesomes (hulu)