Ten Great 'Other' Places to Shop around Murray, KY

Published: November 26, 2013

Basics like milk and eggs, or jeans and backpacks are at supermarkets, department stores and supercenters in abundant supply, but, when you want other things such as artists' painting supplies, appliques, beads, jewelry findings, picture hangers, logo clothing or candle wax, to only mention a few items it becomes a little more challenging. A lot of times you can find unique boutiques and art supply stores as well as specialized book stores near or at a university and this is the case at MSU in Murray, KY.

  1. Zax Imprinted Sportswear

    This shop screenprints as well as embroideries for you in the design or your choice. This shop is found at 1409 Main in Murray. Zax's is know for the ability to recreate designs for customers in addition to designs being pressed, sewn or embroideried onto the buyer's shirt. It is also permissable to bring in one's own fabric for the tee or sweat top design instead of choosing from the selection available at the store. Another service of Zax's is embroidery for Christmas stockings or on gifts. This would also work for anniversaries!



  2. The Wild Raspberry

    A surprise waits inside The Wild Raspberry, a gift and craft shop that is always a bit unique. There are candles and candle holders, accent furniture and scrapbook paraphinelia in cozy display, maybe just to look at, maybe to buy. You probably will want to buy a couple of things while you are at it. Parking is available at this location and if its full, you are in town and can park nearby.


  3. The University Store

    Text books, work books, book rentals, sell your old books and logo apparel are mainstays at the University Store at MSU. Even outsiders can purchase text books both new and used for their own personal use. The work books that go with these text books are, although, many times limited or unavailable to those who are not students. Also, look for computer software, reference books and even novels when in the store. This establishment is at 201 Curris Center off Chestnut Street on campus at Murray State. This will be on Floor 2.


  4. Poppy Seeds & Beads

    For girlfriend parties, birthday parties, wedding jewelry, custom design and more Poppy Seeds & Beads has the selection you can't get enough of in items such as seed beads, carved beads, cords and other jewelry accessories. There are workshops for crafts and beading as well as classes here. This is located in Paducah, KY at 1580 Shallow Creek Circle



  5. My Reality Tattoos and Body Piercings

    Maybe you want some body art. At My Reality Tattoos and Body piercings you will have found your haven. Everyone loves the work, the tattoos can be as colorful as you want. In addition to tattooing My Reality does body piercings such as tongue piercing, lip piercing, nose or face piercing. Satisfied customers appear regularly with their new body images entailed.


  6. Murray Candle

    Environmentally conscious persons can appreciate the soy candles created at Murray Candle. To delight your senses there are several available scents such as Blueberry, Beach Linen, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Strudel and Spice, Abisinthe, Jamica Me Crazy or Christmas Hearth. You can also choose wax melts or spa candles from the very nifty candle stock. Prices are not too high nor are they too low, making these candles respectable gifts or wedding favors.



Something new or different brings out some spirit in most people. Try something new or at least look it over. Customizing your apparel or gifts is always a meaningful idea while crafting with beads or scrapbooks is a lot of fun either on your own or with the children you know, if not your very own children. 

Experimenting with tattoos or even body piercing isn't so taboo as it once was. Look over some ideas for these and give it some thought. A lot of people place some dedication on their skin in the form of an inking.

Tops on this list is probably although Zax's as choosing your own imprint for a favorite piece of clothing or household linens is going to be universally satisfying for all tastes and all ages.

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