The best airports for food

Published: November 12, 2013

As a flight attendant, I know how important good airport food can be for a traveler. Often food is limited but this list will present airports with some fantastic food options that may make you want to visit the airport. 

  1. Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminal 4

    With the recent revamping of the airport, many new food, local options have opened. Outside security you can find a Sauce with great salads and pizza. Matt's Big Breakfast opened inside of security. You can also find a La Grande Orange (or LGO) by the D gates. The Kale quinoa salad is delicious and filling. 

  2. Chicago Midway Airport

    If you haven't had a Potbellies sandwich get one here. Yum! Don't be intimidated by the long line, they get customers in and out quickly. The Wreck is superb. Stop at A Piece of Cake for dessert and grab some Chicago mix popcorn at Nuts on Clark for your flight.

  3. Austin

    Grab some BBQ at Salt lick before you leave Austin. Even the breakfast tacos are yummy and easy on the wallet. Grab some Amy's ice cream with Mexican Hot Fudge for dessert. 

Traveling can be tough when it comes to food. I hate paying $10 for a fast food meal so when I pass through an airport with great food options, such as these, I make sure to grab something.