Four Top Hair Stylists of West Kentucky

Published: November 26, 2013

There is a lot of beauty talent in this region. Award winning stylists, popular hair cutters and have-no-complaints-about-the-hair-colorist are abundant in supply here. In addition beauty shops have permanent make-up and other treats available. You can get all the classic beauty salon services and enjoy standard rates with some owners offering specials on some of their services.

  1. Kormelias Hair Shop

    Kormelias has been around for many years. A top award-winning hair stylist in the hair cut artist technique department. Mike Thompson has had shops in Draffenville and Benton over the years. Currently, his Draffenville shop is handling all of his clients. He has assistant hair stylists who really know their stuff. The owner also has a partnership with his son, Grant, as Grant's Barber shop. The hair stylists/barbers are found at 341 US Highway 68 West in Draffenville, Ky.

  2. A Wild Hair

    Women walk away from here very pleased with their cuts. It is only a short distance from the Supercenter and Cato's with a few more little shops scattered around it. This is rated the number 1 of the area for the most recent three years in a row. Find it at 96 West 5th St..


  3. Beauty Biz

    A classic beauty shop with realistic rates can do any thing and everything you would expect from coloring to perming, from trims to bangs. One thing in particular that might be of interest is the service to cut only bangs for a small price. Comfortable salon seating and a great location mid-town add up to a nice little beauty shop. About two to three girls help the owner, Betty Sirls, take care of the customers by appointment. You can probably schedule and appointment in one week or less from calling in to the shop. The address for this beauty salon is 812 Poplar, Benton, KY.


  4. Polly's

    Hair or nails, you can get beautiful or swanky at Polly's, take your pick. Good service and talented personnel get you satisfied. A long-standing business at the south end of town speaks well of the salon. This salon is found at 1502 Main Street in Benton. Hair Gurus and a cosmetologist are here for patrons to enjoy.

Do you want your haircut to flatter your build? If so, Mike Thompson at Komelias Salon and Barber shop are the most expert in this field. Maybe you would like a cut to blend your hair coloring around some root growth. A good choice for this request would be 'The Wild Hair Salon.' Maybe you like to simply be beautiful and if this is it take a chance with the artists at Polly's.