Best places to write while online.

Published: November 26, 2013

This list encompases what I feel are the 5 best websites for writers. They go in order from best to least best. The last item is still a top 5, but not as good as number one or two, etc. Please use caution when writing online, and always check the copyright information.

  1. Bubblews.

    Information. Full, out side the box system. This website gives you the power to make money while engaged in a social media sytem. Write whatever you enjoy and then earn cash for it.

    URL: Bubblews website.

    Pros. Quite possably one of the most inovative systems out today. Full featured and easy.

    Cons. The downside is that you must write at least 40 words.

    Money making? Plenty of oppertunity and gain.

  2. Word Press.

    Information. A fully connectable and interactive blogging system.

    URL: word press website.

    Pros. Huge set of features, tracking tools, and help. Templates, customisation, and connections.

    Cons. User promotion is the only way to get your self out their.

    Money making? If you connect the right tools from around the web. Using clickbank and tying your press to a twitter account with high followers appears to earn the most.

  3. Squidoo

    nformation: Squidoo is a lot like HubPages but more user friendly and not as saturated as HubPages is.

    URL:  Squidoo official site.

    Pros. Full features and fast publishing platform. User friendly and highly interactive. Fast growing and fast increase in popularity.

    Cons. Customer service is diffucult and complex. Users also do not experience as much growth as competitor websites.

    Money making? Possable but a lot of persistence is needed.

  4. Book Country

    Information: Book country allows users to produce, "e-book" manuscripts for publication.

    URL: Book Country official site.

    Pros. Allows users to write freely and to experience criticism. Great turn out and ratings. Fantastic customer service.

    Cons. Expensive and complex publishing system. Legal word heavy information about copyrights.

    Money making? Highly likely that you can earn money. Not likely to earn fast cash.

  5. Hubpages

    Information: Hubpages is an online community that allows you to write, media rich, "long form", hubs (articles). You may write about nearly any subject.

    URL: Hubpages website.

    Pros. Full featured community that has a huge tech support system. Huge social system allowing users and visitors to interact on and off of articles on the site. Massive database of articles.

    Cons. Low ranking within Google. Staff support is low or neglectfull. Earnings are not substantial and not gauranteed. You loose first publishing rights.

    Money making? It is possable but not likely to earn money on this site.

In conclusion. You may not ever come across a writing website online that will make you rich. But with these 5 tools at your finger tips you will make a dent and possably become a noted and respected author. No system should be used unless you know the risks.