The Best Restaurants in Chandler

Published: November 12, 2013

Chandler has a vairiety of dining options. Chinese, Italian, Korean, Chandler has it all. The restaurants in this list were chosen baswed on food quality, uniqueness, and value. 

  1. Takamatsu

    Takamatsu offers Korean BBQ and a fantastic sushi bar. It's a fun dining experiene because you can cook on the table. The food is amazing and the portions make the price worth it!

  2. Grimaldis

    The pizza at Grimaldi's is fantastic. This New York still pizza is pricier than your typical pizza but worth every cent. I recommend the white pizza or the double pepperoni. The ceasar salad is also delicious. 

  3. Chino Bandido

    This Chinese-Mexican fusion was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Fans of Chino are fanatics. THe Jade Chicken Quesadilla is fantastic. Don't miss a phote op with the giant panda statue. 

  4. Phillies Famous Steaks and Hogies

    Delicious sandwiches. This place can be super busy but is definitely worth the wait. The customer service is great!!

Depending on your mood, Chandler definitely has something to satisfy your appetite. Chino and Takamatsu may take an adventerous spirit but you won't be disappointed.