Top 5 Sites to Buy Stickers At

Published: November 26, 2013

Scrapbooking goes with the season, right?  Cheap relatives or housewives with too much time love to make scrapbooks for christmas gifts.  You'll need stickers to complete your look.  Craft stores do have an extensive selection, yes, but it might be icy, and do you want to risk a cold winter drive in the ice just for decorative sticky paper?  Do your shopping online, here:

  1. Stickermule


    Custom stickers, simple website to use.  You can buy 10,000 stickers for under $600

  2. Etsy Inkkit


    Classy stickers for envelopes or a loving subtle touch on a casket.

  3. Amazon


    Lots to chose from, but here's a bundle of flower foam stickers.  Only 9 left, so you know it's popular.  

  4. MOO


    I've never personally used these stickers, but it is the top google search result for 'stickers' so they must have something going for them.  Nice website, I would trust this vendor.  Prices seem typical for the going sticker market.  

  5. Sticker Planet Plus


    They also have various other scrapbooking supplies, and a WIDE variety of stickers.  Glitter, pens, paper, too!  Fast shipping and very good prices. 

Please scrapbook safely and remember scissors can cut skin, and paper cuts can add bloody fingerprints, so please proofread your work!