Top 3 Shirts I Have Worn This Month

Published: November 25, 2013

This is about fashion.  And words that rhyme with fashion.  This is about Passion.  


  1. Basic Tee

    Perfection in cotton. Black, so it goes with everything.  Print, to show I'm an athete and support Fun Runs.  All the rage these days.  A logo, to show I support democracy and free market.  Best Ever?  You decide.  But yes. 

  2. Boyfriend's Shirt


    Blue, to highlight my eyes and bruises.  It's a mans shirt, so it implies I have recently had relations with the opposite sex.  I only like to wear it for 30-second intervals, so it will always smell like him.  It is not flame retardant so I can burn it ceremoniously when I'm ready to move on.  

  3. Snuggy


    Warm.  Cozy.  Microfiber.  Extra fabric, so you can vomit right into a little bowl you've made out of the sleeve if you need to.  No need to leave the couch.  Not fashionable, but true beauty comes from within anyway. 

Don't buy blood diamonds.