Top Ten Best of Bay Area Restaurants

Published: November 12, 2013

I am a foodie! I LOVE food! I go out and eat often and this means that I know what is worth the wait and what ends up being a distastful and sloppy surprize! I also live in the SF Bay Area which has a wonderful selection of unique, fun, and quality places to experience the art and socail experience of good cusine. As such I have composed my top ten places to eat in the bay area. Each place is based of quailty, atmosphere experience, price, and service. 

  1. King of Thai

    This particular location is in North Beach of SF but there are a few other locations as well. There are so many unique things about this restaurant  that I don't know where to begin! So, I will breifly walk you though my experience. When I first walked in, as you can see, the atmosphere is casual and fun! A lot of people were dinning here laughing, drinking, and having a great time. Although a popular place, we got a seat right away. She took us to the upstairs! So this place has two levels and big flatcreen televisions! So far this place wins for atmosphere and service. However, there is another great and amazing thing about this place! Most everything on the menu is 5-8 dollars while beer is 2-5 dollars! I could not believe it! And to even more of a surprize, for such a low cost, the portions were large and of great quality. I ordered duck soup and I could not even finish the whole thing! This place I rate a 10!

  2. Fog City

    Another place in North Beach of SF is Fog City. I like this place becuase you can pretty much take anyone here which is why this makes the list. Some people are just picky eaters. Also, most people like hamburgers and this place has the best of Hamburgers. Not only are their hamburgers delicious but all of their meats are delicious. Just look at that chicken below! Just like King of Thai, this place also has televisions. It is a nice casual environment that is in mid price range. This place is fun, and anyone can enjoy themselves here!

  3. Buca di Beppo

    This place is located in SOMA of SF and this is the palce to go if you LOVE Italian food. What is unique about this place is they are 2 levels one of which is underground! This makes for makes for a much more intimate and fun evening with your partner or even just family! As you can see what sets this place apart is this place is surrounded with many vintage photographs in frames which is nice to look at and strike up conversation. 



  4. Herbivore

    Located in the Mission of SF and other parts of the Bay Area, this place is set apart from others as it serves the needs of vegitarians. This place deserves to be on the list for just that reason. In addition, this place is calm, but has also a fun and casual atmosphere. This place is in the low-mid price range and the food is realy fresh! This palce is a great first date place if you are not sure of your dates prefered diet. 


  5. Souley Vegan

    Located in Jack London Square of Oakland this place is also a vegitarian/vegan. However, what sets this place apart from the above mentioned restaurant is that this place takes more like soul food! Thats right. This place creates plates with more seaoning, rich deep flavors, and  even serves dishes that mimic meat! I ordered a buffalo burger and although this was not actual buffalo meat, it tasted JUST LIKE buffalo! It is for this reason that this place deserves to make the list! This place is casual and in the mid-price range and they are extremley nice. Also, this restaurant surrounds itself with art which again makes for good conversation and atmosphere. 


  6. Luka's Taproom & Lounge

    This place is located in the Uptown of Oakland and is amazing! This place makes the list for serveral reasons! One reason they make the list is becuase they have a game room in the back including a pool table. They also are 2 levels and at night they have the top level for those who want to listen to a DJ. This makes for a great atmosphere. Another reason why this place makes the list is that the beer along with the cusine is exceptionally tasty. They have unique creations and their fries with 3 unique sauses are the best! Some of their dishes include catfish sandwhich and designer oysters. On Monday they have 1 dollar oysters and this is another reason why they make the list!


  7. Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe

    This very unique and hip spot makes the list for a few reasons. One reason is they serve an amazing breakfast! This place seriously can't fail at any dish! The chicken Salad is pretty good along with the rest of their dishes. This place has a diner/cafe style setup but is a little bit more unique. They offer outdoor seating and this makes for a nice environment. They are extremely nice and their service is great! They continue to fill up your water glass and make sure you are doing okay:) Also, another cure, cool, and interesting thing about this palce is they have a variety of dolls modeled after celeberties and characters. Looks at the pictue below! 




  8. Chop Bar

    Also located in Oakland at Jack London Square this place makes the list for the exceptional quality. This place is classy, calm, yet fun, which makes for a great date place, that is if you are willing to not hold back on speanding. Although this place is not considered cheap, it is very high quality. The flavors are deep and rich. The meat is savory, the vegetables are seasoned, the cheese is rich, and the drinks are mixed well. It is for this reason this palce makes the list. Also, the setup and design of the interior makes for a really nice ambience.


  9. Standfords

    Located in Walnut Creek, this place makes the list for its fun, upbeat, and inexpensive menu. At night, the bar menu food is inexpensive yet delicious. The quality of the food and mixed drinks are great! Also they check up on you and make sure you are having a fun time. As such, this palce is good for those casual nights you and your friends, or even your date want to go out and have a fun time without spending too much! Here they also have a television, bar seating, high-table seating at the bar, booth seating around the bar,and outdoor seating! As such, this place makes the list for the variety of seating options and fun peers!


  10. The Cheesecake Factory

    Located in Walnut Creek, SF, and other places around the California, this place is famous for its cheesecake which is the first reason this makes the list. Not only that but this place serves delicious high quality food! I ordered the moroccan chicken, thai lettuce wraps, calamari, asian pear mixed drink, long island ice tea, and all  were exceptionally delicious! The portions are large and the ambience is very classy, smooth, yet fun! The room is s bit dim with glowing lights which makes this a great place for anytime you want to impress a date or if you just want to have fun with good friends. They also offer outdoor seating with a fireplace and sing happy birthday and bring you a cake on you birthday! This place is one of my favorites and you can not go wong taking anyone here!

As I have listed a variety of places for you to explore, certainly one of these will serve your needs. I have listed a few place throughout different parts of the Bay Area while also considering the needs of vegitarian and vegan diets. Also, these places range from low priced to a bit higher than average, while also considering the type of environment you would like to experience including casual, classy, hip, and fun! As such, I know that these restaurants will serve a variety of people! Enjoy!