Top 5 video game magazines

Published: November 25, 2013

Video game magazines used to be extremely popular in the 90's. Some of them are still going today while others have folded and stopped publishing. That doesn't mean they didn't leave a lasting impression on the industry, however! Here are the top five best video game magazines of all time.

  1. Game Informer

    Game Informer is easily the most well known gaming magazine today. It is owned by GameStop and one of the few popular gaming mags that still publishes new copies today. According to the Alliance for Audited Media, there are 7.8 million copies of Game Informer sold per month as of June 2013 (source).

  2. GamePro

    Many gamers probably grew up having a subscription to GamePro magazine. There was a time when GamePro was considered to be among the top gaming magazines out there before Game Informer eventually overtook it. It was widely known for their "ProTips" hints and game advice. It ceased publication in 2011 but is still remembered.

  3. Nintendo Power

    If you were a Nintendo fan, you without a doubt had a subscription to Nintendo Power. This magazine had everything including reviews, previews, tips and tricks, and in-depth strategy guides. After 24 years and 285 issues, the magazine's final issue was published in December 2012. Sealed copies of this last issue can be found on eBay.

  4. PC Gamer

    Although it is nowhere near the popularity of Game Informer, PC Gamer is one of the more mainstream gaming magazines still publishing new issues today. As the name of the magazine would indicate, it focuses largely on PC games. It used to ship with an included demo disk but unfortunately they ended that practice in 2011.

  5. Official Xbox Magazine

    Similar to Nintendo Power, official Xbox Magazine is a gaming mag focused solely on Xbox-based video games. It is still publishing new copies today and according to statistics cited on Wikipedia, has over 400,000 subscribers in the United States. Like PC Gamer, OXM originally had included demo disks with each copy but stopped doing that in 2012.

The age of the video game magazine is largely coming to an end. With the ability for gamers to just look up anything they want on the internet, there isn't much need for a lot of the content gaming magazines provided. They are still useful for reviews and exclusive previews but for the most part, the market is dominated by Game Informer.