Top Online Games That Are Now Largely Defunct

Published: November 25, 2013

In the world of online gaming, massively multiplayer online role playing games are a dime a dozen. If you do a Google search of online games to play, you'll find tons of games, many of them on the brink of failure. However, for every 50 or so really bad games, there is one good game that becomes extremely popular. In this list, I'll cover three online games that had their time in the spotlight- but are now largely defunct.

  1. Maple Story


    Maple Story was a very popular online game, especially in its early days. You play as an adventurer, travelling the world and fighting monsters. The unique 2 dimensional side scrolling graphics are especially memorable. The soundtrack also had a way of getting stuck inside your head too.

    Maple Story largely went on the decline as the game began introducing a new storyline with more quests. Some of these quests required multiple people to complete, pushing out the players who preferred to play the game solo. Nexon tried to shake things up in a big way via the Big Bang remake, but essentially blew up their prospects of regaining their player base.

    Although the game still has a regular player base, it has been trending towards a steady decline since the Big Bang patch.

  2. Gunz: The Duel

    If you mixed the popular Valve game CounterStrike with The Matrix, you would get Gunz: The Duel. Gunz is a third person shooter game where you can bounce off walls, skillfully assassinate your opponents, and look really, really cool.

    The game always had been plagued by hackers. The fact that the game was very ineffectual against hacking attempts in general pushed away most players. Server problems have constantly plagued the game as well, and the game servers have been shut down in the United States.

  3. Gunbound

    Gunbound was Korea's answer to the very popular game Worms. You played as an avatar riding one of many mobiles. Each mobile had a special power. With multiple game modes to choose from, Gunbound was a very popular game that casual players could really enjoy.

    However, like Gunz, Gunbound was plagued by hackers. Many players would use programs that would calculate their best shot for them. As such, many Gunbound players began leaving the game. When the game introduced new mobiles, there was a brief spark of interest, but it quickly fizzled out.

Each of the games on this list had their time in the spotlight. They endured for several years and developed a big fan base. However, problems would arise for each game, and the fan base largely died out as a result. My favorite game on this list, or at least the game that I got the best at, was Maple Story.