The Best Activities in Cairo

Published: November 25, 2013

Cairo is a city full of activities for people of all ages and all walks of life. Tour books generally only include activities that are guaranteed to rip off foreigners in a country where ripping tourists off is an art. This is a list of cheap activities for people to do.

  1. Falucca Boats

    Cheap and readily accessible anywhere on the Nile, faluccas are a traditional sailboat that give great views of the city and nature. For roughly 25l.e., a group can rent out a boat to sail the river for an hour. Be sure to bring drinks and food!

  2. Drinkies

    Possibly the best store in the world, Drinkies is the go to spot for getting delicious Sakara, Stella, and a variety of local wines and liquors. It makes this list for both it's name and it's cheapness. Pay only a fraction of what alcohol costs in hotels and tourist traps!

  3. Cafe Cairo

    Local shisha cafes are the best stop for any person, local or tourist. At a cheap price, one can enjoy hours of shisha/hookah as well as countless cultural games including backgammon. The staff are generally friendly and more than willing to ensure you have a nice relaxing experience. 

While most tourist activities are quite expensive seeing as how locals are more than happy to rip off clueless tourists, these venues and activities provide a nice alternative where one can enjoy the culture at a significantly cheaper cost. They may not be on the beaten trail, but they are definitely better than walking around surrounded by your fellow tourists.