The Best Restaurants in Laurel, Montana

Published: November 25, 2013

In a small town, it should be easy to find a great place to enjoy a nice meal. With fast food restaurants popping up all over, find an actual restaurant can become a difficult task. In the small town of Laurel there are a few restaurants that are must visits when in town.

  1. Cafe Mabel's

    Cafe Mabel's has been a local favorite for delicious traditional Mexican food for many years. With a delicious menu of food to choose from, at a fantastic price. If you have a craving for Mexican, Cafe Mabel's is your choice.

  2. The Owl Cafe

    The Owl Cafe has been a staple for delicious food for numerous years in Laurel, but with the newly upgraded menu and new executive chef. The food is even better. It is fine dining unlike anywhere else in this small town.

  3. Railside Diner

    With the Railroad cutting through most of Laurel, and it holds such a special place in the town heart, the Railside Dinner celebrates what Laurel is all about. Enjoy watching Trains come and go as you enjoy a savory meal off their menu.


When you travel to Laurel whether for business or fun, eating at any of these restaurants would be a special treat. The food is great, and the prices are affordable in our sleepy little town. A genuine home-cooked taste is available at all these locations.