Best Fast Food Resteraunt Chains

Published: November 25, 2013

The name says it all. This is about all of the best Fast Food resteraunt chains. From McDonalds to Panda Express, we'll cover it all. We'll analyze and rate the 10 best chains based on their prices, food selections, taste, and health conditions. 

  1. Subway

    Although it has all but abandonded it's famous $5 footlong price, it still has the best price for the food. 12 inches of delicious sandwiches for under $10, plus a drink and cookie? Not to mention Subway is considerably more healthier than almost all of the other resteraunts on this list, and has much less history of heath scandals. In fact, Subway might just be the healthiest chain of fast food resteraunts in America.

  2. McDonalds

    It's McDonalds. It may be slightly overpriced. It might be oily, greasy, and fatty, and it's kitchens may smell weird, but it's Mcdonalds. An American icon! It's been around for such a long time that it's been insinuated into American life. After all, no matter how unhealthy it is, it's still suprisingly tasty!

  3. Burger King

    Burger Kings is essentially another McDonalds.However, it still makes the list because of it's slightly healthier meals than McDonald. It also has cheaper prices and, in my experience, quicker service. The new design doesn't hurt. Who doesn't want to eat a greasy burger while sitting in a fine establishment?

  4. Panda Express

    The Panda Express has a great food selection. From fried rice, to white rice, to beans, to orange chicken, they really do have a lot of variety. The food is also a lot healthier, but it has higher prices, and the portions are smaller.

In the end, Subway beats all. It's amazing prices, larger sizes, and healthier foods made it qualified for a fast food joint, but at the same times remains the healthiest fast food joint known to America. If it only brought back the $5 footloong deals. Then it would be supreme.