Best of Call of Duty: World at War

Published: November 25, 2013

Call of Duty World at War is the last, but one of the most remembered, World War II video games. In light of new video games, it has been greatly overlooked, but in reality it has some features that shame other games. And that's what we're talking about now.

  1. Multiplayer

    Multiplayer has been the backbone of First Person Shooters for years, and World at War is no different. The multiplayer is breathtaking. It brough character customization to a level unknown at the time. The first of its kind, you were alowed to cuztomize your weapon classes and even use tanks during multiplayers. Not to mention the wide variety of different game modes to play.

  2. Zombies

    Yet another milestone in its time, this was the first call of duty to include a zombie mode. With endless rounds of zombie hordes to fight, and multiple maps to fight them on, this has been a landmark addition to the series, and was so popular it was brought back with Call of Duty Black Ops.

  3. Campaign

    Ahh. From fighting the japanese kamikazi planes to taking orders from a barking Kiefer Sutherland, you really feel the war experience. You get to fight on the U.S/Pacific front, and then you can quickly switch to being a Russian tank commander taking back the motherland. The twist and turns and character development add a new sense of personality unseen before. The co-op campaigns allow you to go splitscreen or play online missions with your friends, allowing to the dexterity of the game.

Worl at War is a legendary video game. It was the first FPS to have Custom classes, the first to have co-op campaign, the first to have split screen campaign, and the first to have a Zombie mode. It was more than a milestole. It was a stepping stone in video game technology and a model for the next generation. And model it has.