Top 3 Fastest Dungeon Clearing RPGs Online

Published: November 12, 2013

These games all feature some kind of fast paced playstyle mixed in with MMORPG elements such as gold, auction houses, leveling, and so on.

  1. Vindictus

    Vindictus, made by korean game artists DevCat features fast, skill based combat and a dungeon grinding style of gathering gold and items. It's gameplay is fluid and charming, sprinkled on top are graphics which have withstood the test of time pretty well.

    If gameplay isn't your thing the character customization in Vindictus offers a huge array of different things you can color and choose to your taste.

    Just turning 3 years old, the game is still around and ready to welcome more Monster Hunter lovers.

  2. Continent of the Ninth Seal


    Also known as C9. One of the faster action RPGs out there with a dungeon clearing system, C9 delivers on slaying hoards of monsters as just one character. The classes Shaman, Witchblade, Fighter, and Hunter all can do down several different path styles. It let's you choose how you want your character to fight, which is a win for everyone involved.

  3. Rusty Hearts

    Keeping with the theme of speed, Rusty Hearts comes along and gives you the most overexagerated attacks and skills possible. A charming title, while lacking in the graphics and customization, it makes up for in gameplay and that nice addictive touch to the dungeon clearing system.

#1 Vindictus

#2 C9

#3 Rusty Hearts