Top 5 Upcoming K-pop Groups

Published: November 25, 2013

With the same groups keeping their rankings for so many years, recently the ranks have been slipping and newer groups are starting to overtake others. This list is the top 5 groups to watch out for as they become more popular with each release.


    Over the past few years sistar has found continous digital success and is known for their more sexy image SISTAR is on their way to becoming the best girl group in K-pop. Sistar debuted in 2010 and their leader Hyorin is known as one of the best vocalists in K-pop and just recently has been promoting her solo debut! Their subunit SISTAR19 has also shown great sales.

    Their most recent song Give It To Me reached number 1 on multiple music charts.

    Give It To Me Music Video

  2. Infinite

    Although slow growing infinite has gained a huge fanbase and is known for their unique sound created by Sweet Tune. Their most current album New Challenge has sold over 100,000 copies and peaked at 1 on the charts.  They are full of talent and are known for their precise dancing and also innovative dance moves.

    Request Music Video

  3. Crayon Pop

    Crayon Pop made a huge impact in 2013 with their song Bar Bar Bar and is on their way to becoming popular due to their unique charm and concepts. Debuted in 2012 they saw little success at first they won Best New Female Artist of the Year just a couple days ago at the MAMA awards.

    Bar Bar Bar Music Video

  4. EXO

    The highest selling on the list, exo is a 12 members boy group with a huge fanbase. Known for their interesting take on group composition, they have become popular in both China and Korea. Soon to be one of the highest K-pop groups ever, EXO will soon overshadow the past and become the future of K-pop.

    Growl Music Video

  5. Chocolat

    Although chocolat hasn't seen huge commerical success Chocolat has a large internation fanbase and their song Black Tinkerbell was highly coveted. They debuted in 2011 and made a huge splash on news sites when they annocened they were the first K-pop group with bi rical members. Their member Tia was also one of the first K-pop singers to answer questions on askfm.

    Black Tinkerbell Music Video

When discussing who will be the next generation of K-pop idols all of these names come up over and over. They all have unique concepts that have made them known and have made them a threat to the older generations.