Top 10 K-pop Songs of All Time

Published: November 25, 2013

Just like the top groups of K-pop the top 10 songs is another basics any new K-pop fan should look up. The songs of the list are based on the impact they had on the industry and overall popularity of the songs.

  1. Gee by Girls' Generation

    We start off the list with Gee by Girls' Generation. Not only is Girls' Generation the top group of K-pop right now, they hold the title for the best K-pop songs to date. Gee a fast tempo bubblegum pop song anybody would enjoy. It rose to the number one spot and eventually cemented Girls Generations career to stardom. With it's addicting chorus and hooks, even after many years of it being released everybody still enjoys listening to Gee. Another huge part of it's popularity is it's breakthrough dance moves, check it out below!

    Gee Music Video

  2. Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

    Sorry Sorry is a dancepop song that remained on the charts for many weeks after it's release. Sung by Super Junior the song was not only successful in Korea but also all over Asia. Just like Gee one of the main attributes to it's popularity is it's intersting dance and catchy hooks.

    Sorry Sorry Music Video

  3. Tell Me by Wonder Girls

    Tell me by Wonder Girls is the song that set of their career and started a huge trend in dances everyone wants to reenact. Tell me is a dancepop song with some hints of synth. It's dance was circulated by fans and became a huge hit with all ages.

    Tell me Music Video

  4. Nobody by Wonder Girls

    Another song by the Wonder Girls, nobody is probably their most popular song overseas. Nobody is also another dance pop song that become popular due to its easy to learn dance everyone enjoys watching. The song was also performed in the USA on multiple talk shows and helped the Wonder Girls land as an opening act for The Jonas Brothers. Popular in Korea,China,North America and even Japan, Nobody truly paved the way for other artists.

    Nobody Music Video

  5. Lies by BIGBANG

    Taking a less pop path Lies helped make Big Bang what they are today. The lyrics were written by G-Dragon of the group and also further proved how talented the group was. Lies had a record breaking reception and remains one of the best Big Bang songs to date, even though it's been overshadowed by new releases it set an example for multiple groups in newer years.

    Lies Big Bang

  6. Mirotic by TVXQ

    Mirotic is not only one of the best K-pop songs of all time, the album by the same name is considered the best album of all time. Provocative and sexy Mirotic stirred a controversy but that didn't stop its growth and it continued to set records that only recently could be broken.


    Mirotic Music Video

  7. Gangnam Style by PSY

    This song requires no introduction, with currently almost 2 billion views on youtube Gangnam Style is the best known K-pop to date. Although it's dance and humor made it popular, it failed to leave an impact on the industry itself but made an inpact overseas and will probably always be the largest song K-pop will ever see.

    Gangnam Style Music Video

  8. Bo Beep Bo Beep by T-ara

  9. Mister by Kara

    Mister by Kara was not only popular in Korea, it was their debut song in Japan. It gathered amazing support from the public due to the catchy tune and its infamous Butt Dance. When it comes to making an impact in Japan Kara is probably one of the names that comes up.

    Mister Music Video

  10. Irony by Wonder Girls

    Last but not least is yet another song by Wonder Girls, Irony. Unlike most of the pop song on this list, Irony has more hip hop undertones that set it apart from others. Setting off the Wonder Girls career, Irony is really where the wonder began.

    Irony Wonder Girls

While these songs become overshadowed by their new counterparts, nothing can change the impact and what truly makes K-pop fun to listen to. It's easy to learn dances,Addicting hooks and fun visuals in each of these songs help the inspire what K-pop is today.