The 10 Most Interesting Courses in Middlebury College

Published: November 25, 2013

Every department in every school has a number of classes that everyone raves about.

"Oh, James, the professor is brilliant and he will make you fall in love with nature poetry!"

"One of the most useful things you'll ever get to learn about and how to do it, too. Statistics for the win."

"Man, I'm in love with this class."

And so on.

Note: Order does not necessarily signify level of greatness.

  1. The Creative Process

    Usually taught by Penny Campbell, The Creative Process is a blender mix of pre-introductory art, interpretive dance, and exploring your mind. No questions - take it.

  2. Economic Statistics

    The class is more statistics than economics, but the things you will learn in this probability/statistics class will set foundations for econometrics, statistical analysis, and research data analysis. So, so, so useful. Take it with Sommers or Gong.

  3. Regression Analysis

    Yes, this is a big step into econometrics. Regression is basically testing whether such and such variables affect another variable. Does a professor's looks affect his/her evaluations? Does your institution classification play a role in your earnings? Does chocolate assumption affect the chances of you earning a Nobel prize later in life?

    Guess what, you can put numbers onto those answers.

  4. Intro Language Course

    You're in a liberal arts college. You're in Middlebury. End of discussion.

  5. Education in USA

    Education studies is a stellar department, and Affolter will blow your brain.

  6. Fiction/Non-Fiction/Poetry

    You read, write, workshop every class. It's a lot of work, but you won't regret it. One of the best courses if taken with David H Bain.

  7. Intro Philosophy: Question of Mortality

    Consider the basics of life, existence, metaphysical reality, death, and basic premises of religion - and get ready to challenge and be challenged. Intensive readings and thinking, but hell - you're in a liberal arts college.

  8. American Sign Language

    Another language - without words. Has got to be one of the coolest languages ever.

  9. American Negro Spirituals

    A choral class led by our great Francois Clemmons, Grammy-award winner and honorary degree recipient from our own school. 'Nuff said.

  10. General Chemistry

    If you understand the basic underworkings of chemistry, then consider yourself a made man. You understand the world better.

If I had to pick the top 3, then it's gotta be a language, Creative Process, and Regression. Useful, interesting, and explorative.