The Best Bars in State College

Published: November 25, 2013

This list is about the best bars in State College evaluated by price, atmosphere, and drinks in descending order. There many bars in State College and there are many great choices but this list will ensure that you are not disappointed.

  1. Cafe 210

    In my opinion, Cafe 210 is the best bar because they have a great food menu, a large bar, and great live music. Cafe also has great outdoor seating. At Cafe 210 it is not uncommon to spot the owner walking around because he is always ensuring that everything is top quality for his guests.

    Cafe 210 Website

  2. Bar Bleu

    Bar Bleu is a great bar to visit while in State College. They offer a great bar menu, great drinks (try a fishbowl), and they have 2 floors which offer 2 unique atmospheres. On one floor there are many televisions with great seating arrangements to catch a Penn State football game, or any game. on the basement floor the lighting is darker and there is a stage which usually hosts live music.

    Bar Bleu Website

  3. The Phyrst

    The Phyrst is a classic dive bar done well. State College tradition encourages everyone to visit The Phyrst for their 21st birthday, many find themselves returning. The Phyrst prides themselves on their beautiful bartenders, great drinks, and live music. It is not uncommon to see people walking around downtown donning the plastic green bowler's hat that the Phyrst distributes. 

    The Phyrst Website

There many other great bars in the State College Area but these three are must visists for anyone checking out the State College Bar Scene. Cafe 210 offers the best food and the best seating when it is warm out. Bar Bleu is the best place to watch the game and enjoy great drink specials. The Phyrst is great to check out some local bands while having a drink.