Published: November 25, 2013

Plumbers are everywhere but the good and reliable ones are hard to find.They can be expensive and unskilled , or just unreliable.Plumbing companies need to be looked into before paying the big buck.Here is a few of plumbers who are honest and experienced.

  1. Rushmore Plumbing I have hired these plumbers for family that live on the southside and they are the best on that side of town.They came fast and they were so nice and the price was very fair.They ere really reliable and i was happy.

  2. Southern Contracting Service  Tis business is farther out and therefore their price is alittle more on the high side.They do however do a great job and i have hired them a few times.The guys are always so nice and they know what they are doing.

  3. Miller Plumbing Co guys use to be very good and they still are but they have alot of young guys now and most of them do know what they are doing and thats only why they are on this list, they offer emergency servie for those dire times.

Plunmbers can charge what they want they are needed and they know that and thats why they can charge what they want but what happens when they are unskilled and dishonest.These three are the ones i recommend for those days you need a plumber.