The Best Amusement Parks in Pennsylvania

Published: November 24, 2013

If you're in Pennsylvania and are looking for some great amusement parks, there are no shortage. While New Jersey has Six Flags, and Ohio has Cedar Points, Pennsylvania has it's own gems. Here are three amusement parks worth checking out in the great state of PA. 

  1. Hershey Park

    A place for thrill seakers everywhere. A mixture of old and new, Hershey Park has some great wooden rollar coasters along with a slew of modern rides for the adventourous. If that's not your thing there is also a zoo, dolphin show, and of course, a tour of the chocolate facotory! Hershey's famous Lightning Racer!

  2. Knoebels

    An amusement Park everyone must see. More old fashoined than Hershey, but with some great rides, and some even better charm. Knoebels has some world famous rollar coaster, along with a water park, and one fo the best haunted house rides in the country.

  3. Dorney Park

    Thrill Seekers wanted is what Dorney Park is all about. Home to the first 200 coaster in the eastern United States, Dorney is all about the thrills. Along with one of the bigger water parks in the country, Dorney has a multitude of high thrill coaster and other rides that will get your heart pumping.

PA has no shortage of great amusement parks. For the thrill seeker and non-thrill seeker alike. Old and new converge at all places and even some history can be learned. So pack up the bags and get going to these great parks that are waiting.