The best auto repair shops in San Antonio

Published: November 24, 2013

Vehicles need maintinence, no matter how expensive the car sooner or later it will need oil,tires,etc.Auto repair shops that are legit are hard to find.Mechanics,good mechanics are hard to find and even even harder to trust.But eventually we will all need one.

  1. BYOB

    This place is great ,you take them the part and they charge you only for the labor.Most places charge and mark up the parts you need. Their customer service is awesome as is they reliability to get the job done as soon as

  2. MD Automotive

    This shop is not only family owned but their mechanics there are one of the best.They never over charge and you never have o wait long for your vehicle to be fixed.They work with you on payments and they even take appointments.

  3. Matts Automotive

    A small shop but still very reliable. Parts are always priced reasonably and they are always so nice and have your car back to you as soon as they can.The owner is super friendly and cost is negotiable,they even have plans.

  4. Alamo Heights Garage

    At times i think this garage can seeme overpriced but they do such a good job and they offer a guarantee on their work.The mechanics are not only experienced but have various skills.They are always so nice and have even given rides to customers.

  5. G M Automotive Repair Service

    This shop has been around for awhile and the reason is the skilled mechanics.They allow you to bring your own parts if you can and they only charge for the labor bbut even if you dont they dont mark up the parts you need.

Mechanics are important they take of the cars we use to get to work and to school.And the good ones are rare and far in between.Some rip people off while some do the opposite and those are the ones we need to keep around.