The Three Best Doctor Who Episodes from the Reboot

Published: November 24, 2013

I'm actually quite frankly surprised that no one has done this as of yet, so I'll take a crack at it. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor featuring Matt Smith, John Hurt, and David Tennant just recently aired on BBC. In honor of the 50th anniversary, here are three of the best Doctor Who episodes from the new series.

  1. Series 1, Episode 12 - Bad Wolf

    This episode is technically part of a two part season finale that ends Christopher Eccleston's short tenure as the 9th Doctor. I particularly enjoy this episode because the atmosphere best represents the quirky humor that Eccleston's Doctor brought to the show. The Ninth Doctor had a unique personality that is difficult to describe. The Bad Wolf story arc makes its conclusion at the end of the season and the Ninth Doctor says farewell after an all too short run.

  2. Series 3, Episode 11 - Blink

    I'll first start off by saying that this episode is completely standalone. The episode isn't even shot in the perspective of the 10th Doctor. That being said, it's a fan favorite and the Weeping Angels are the biggest reason why. If there's a standalone episode that you absolutely cannot miss, it is this one. The Weeping Angels do make reappearances later on in the series, but this particular episode is a lot of fun to watch. The tension in the atmosphere is all too palpable and you'll swear after watching it in the dark for the first time, that there is a Weeping Angel right behind you.

  3. Series 4 Finale - The End of Time

    There are all sorts of episodes competing to be my favorite, but David Tennant's final episode as the Tenth Doctor is one that will be never forgotten. A mortal enemy of the Doctor makes a reappearance and his actions nearly cause the end of time itself. Donna's grandfather Wilfred makes his appearance as the Doctor's de facto companion for this two part special. David Tennant's final words as the Tenth Doctor are, "I don't want to go." I'm pretty sure every David Tennant fan at that point agreed with him heart and soul.

I'm sad to be unable to list any of the Matt Smith episodes on this list. Matt Smith does an incredible job portraying the Eleventh Doctor, and his departure in the Christmas special is one that will break the hearts of many Doctor Who fans as well. However, my favorite episode from this list is the Series 4 Finale - The End of Time. I highly recommend that you watch Doctor Who if you don't already.