The Best of Bay Area Restaurants.

Published: November 12, 2013

Do you ever have the urge to try a new cusine but just don't know where to go? I am a foodie and have composed the best of Bay Area restarurants so you may enjoy your adventures with no sloppy surprizes. This list is being judge on atmosphere, quality of food, price, and service.  

  1. King Of Thai

    King of Thai Noodle is one of my favorite Thai Restaurants ever. It even beats New York Restaurants and I am about to tell you why. King Of Thai is so amazing becuase everything on their menu (at least their dinner menu) is only about 5-7 dollers! This is such a great deal since their serving are huge! My favorite is their duck soup and I can not even finish it all becuase it is such a huge bowl! And it tastes so great! Another great thing about this place is most of their beers are 2-5 dollars! You can tell you will love this place the moment you walk in. The low price, service and atmosphere will keep you coming back! This one is on Grant Ave in SF.

  2. Stanfords

    This place is located more deep in the East Bay in Walnut Creek. However, I love this place becuase of MANY reasons. At night, the bar menu food is SOOO cheap and Delicious! This place is amazing becuase everything on the bar menu is about as cheap as King of Thai as listed above! Not only that but this place had quality food! They serve rich, seasoned tasty dishes, and they also serve drinks! This place has bar seating, bar table sitting, bar bench seating, and outdoor seating! This place is filled with great service and fun! The atmosphere is fun and casual!

  3. Souley Vegan

    If you or anyone you know is vegan or even just vefitarian this is the place to go. This is located around Jack London Square in Berkeley. I love this place because while this is vegan food, it still tastes amazing. I assume that is why they named this place 'Souley Vegan' as the taste is similar to soul food! While this place is not as cheap as King of Thai as listed above, this place does have good service and nice atmosphere. This place is surounded with art. Not only is their art unique but their meals are unique too! They do meat replacement that are not meat but tastes just like it! For instance, they offer a buffalo burger that tastes just like buffalo! I was truly amazed that the quality of food! 



  4. The Chop Bar

    The Chop Bar is one of my favorite classy places to go in the bay area. This place is also near Jack London Square and serves as a very nice place to have a romantic date or to get together with classy people. I say this becuase they are extremely nice and cater to your every need. Also they have such an amazing atmosphere and the food quality and presentation is supurb. They serve savory meats, rich cheese, tasty seasoned vegetables and fine mixed drinks. Although this place is a bit pricier than than the others listed above, this place is WELL WORTH the money!

  5. Herbivore

    There are few of these and one is on Divisadero St in SF. While I have already provided you with a vegitarian restaurant, this place is a bit more classier than the place I listed above which is more suited for the casual. Herbivore has the quality of chop bar but is instead serves onl vegitarain. Although classy like The Chop Bar, this place is not as nearly as expensive. This place is in the mid price range but can still keep classy. The atmosphere is slightly soft with a casual attitude. 



  6. Jupiter

  7. Pyramid