The Best Sushi places in Reading,PA area

Published: November 23, 2013

This lists the best sushi in Reading,PA

  1. Toyko Hibachi and Bar

    Although sushi is not in the name this place has the most variety and freshest sushi in the area. Also the hot dishes are a great compliement to the sushi. And the hibachi area has delicious food and great entertainment too.

  2. Mikura Restaurant

    This restuarant has good prices and a great menu. The lunch offer is a great price for a good amount of food.  The spicy tuna roll is also great. There are also hot chinese, japanese, and thai food offered at this restaurant.

  3. Go Fish Seafood

    This sushi bar has sushi rolls only on the menu but the rolls are delicious and very creative. In the picure is the Flaming Lips roll with very spicy tuna, cucumber,and avocado inside with jalapenos on top.  They also sell seafood.

In my opinion these are the top three sushi restaurants in Reading,PA area.